Kevin Hart’s Wild Wager: A Star-Studded 2023 Super Bowl Ad for DraftKings featuring Tony Hawk and Ludacris

In his star-filled 2023 Super Bowl ad for DraftKings, Kevin Hart took a chance on the big game. The 43-year-old comedian, who was spotted at Michael Rubin’s Super Bowl extravaganza in Phoenix alongside Jay-Z, teamed up with skateboarding icon Tony Hawk, 54, and rapper Ludacris, 45.

The commercial, lasting 30 seconds, featured Hart throwing his own elite Super Bowl soiree in a lavish LA residence. As he navigated the party trying to place his bet, Kevin interacted humorously with his celebrity guests. The advertisement utilized clever wordplay to transition from one scene to the next, maintaining a lively pace as Hart displayed his comedic prowess.

Place your bets! Kevin Hart, 43, bet on the big game in his star-studded 2023 Super Bowl commercial for DraftKings

Get ready to make your wager! Kevin Hart, 43 years old, placed his bet on the major game in his celebrity-filled Super Bowl advertisement for DraftKings in 2023.

Hart, from HearBeat Productions, had a hand in creating the commercial for DraftKings called Kevin’s Bet, aiming to promote a complimentary Super Bowl bet for their customers. The ad featured Hart alongside famous faces such as Emmitt Smith, The Undertaker, and Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving. In one humorous moment, Hart jokingly called out Emmitt Smith and David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz as ‘ludicrous’ for their antics. The commercial also included Ludacris speculating on Hart’s betting strategy, only to be interrupted by the real Undertaker. Hart, playing up the comedic aspect, bantered with the group before being interrupted by Tony Hawk, reinforcing his presence at the party and his name’s avian connection.

The comedian's 30-second spot for the sports betting company saw him hosting his own A-list Super Bowl bash in an LA mansion. Trying to figure out how to place his bet, Kevin moves throughout the party and comically engages with his famous guests

The comedian starred in a 30-second commercial for the sports betting company, where he threw his own star-studded Super Bowl party at a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. As he navigated the party, the comedian hilariously interacted with his celebrity guests while trying to place his bet.

One funny highlight is when Hart tells Emmitt Smith and David 'Big Papi' Ortiz that they are both 'ludicrous' after slapping a plate of food out of Ortiz's hand

One amusing moment occurred when Hart playfully scolded Emmitt Smith and David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz for being ‘ridiculous’ after playfully knocking a plate of food out of Ortiz’s hand.

The cost of airing a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl this year is a staggering $7 million.

DraftKings has established itself as a regular Super Bowl advertiser, with this marking the third consecutive year they have invested millions for a commercial spot.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Hart discussed his collaboration with DraftKings and how he managed to bring together numerous big names for one commercial.

“We were able to leverage some connections, secure some major appearances, deliver the message spot-on, all while adding a huge amount of personality and fun to what I believe will be a truly distinctive spot during the Super Bowl,” Hart mentioned.

The comedic actor emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships in the industry, expressing pride in the fact that his calls are always answered by those he has built connections with over the years.

Hart’s ad for DraftKings is just one of many star-studded commercials airing this year during the Super Bowl. Pete Davidson teamed up with Brie Larson and Jon Hamm to promote Hellmann’s mayonnaise, while Adam Driver showcased his versatility by battling dinosaurs in an ad for his upcoming sci-fi movie 65 and appearing multiple times in a humorous Squarespace commercial. Sylvester Stallone also made a comeback as his Cliffhanger character for Paramount +, seen scaling a mountain shaped like his own face.

The commercial then cuts to the actual Ludacris, who is inside the party speculating about Hart's betting strategy by saying that he is 'taking the under'

In the ad, it quickly switches to Ludacris at the party, discussing Hart’s approach to betting by mentioning that he’s “going with the lower odds.”

'The under?' says Hart, popping up out of nowhere. 'Please. I ain't no ¿ Undertaker!' Confronted by the real Undertaker, Hart gazes up at the giant wrestler before he turns back to Ludacris and snaps: 'Hey! I'm watching you like a ¿ '

“The dude from down there?” Hart quips as he suddenly appears. “Nah, I’m not some kind of Undertaker!” Startled by the actual Undertaker’s presence, Hart looks up at the towering wrestler, then quickly redirects his attention to Ludacris, saying, “I’ve got my eye on you, just like a hawk.”

'Hawk,' says Tony Hawk, giving his name to the bouncer at the front door of Hart's party. 'Tony Hawk? Like the bird'

“Tony Hawk,” Tony Hawk says to the bouncer as he enters Hart’s party, affirming his identity with a touch of humor. “Tony Hawk? You know, like the majestic bird.”

Butter bust: Hart's commercial included a bust of his face sculpted out of butter

Butter sculpture: In a unique commercial move, Hart’s face was sculpted out of butter
Kevin had a blast during his Super Bowl weekend, attending an exclusive party hosted by Michael Rubin ahead of the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.
Rocking a stylish black jacket with white trim, paired with matching pants and sneakers, Hart showed off his fashion sense at the star-studded event.
Accompanied by his wife Eniko Parrish, Kevin made a grand entrance, with Eniko stunning in blue-patterned shorts, a brown Gucci crop top, and open-toe heels.
When not socializing with other celebrities, the couple spent time with the party host, Michael Rubin, who even tried hand-feeding Hart during lunch.
Kevin was also seen mingling with singer and TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, who looked chic in golden slacks, a black bustier, and platform boots.
Although Hart is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious with an epic win, led by MVP Patrick Mahomes, claiming their third NFL championship in a 38-35 victory.

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