“Cruising in Style: Kevin Hart Rocks 2015 Concert Tour Hoodie in His Mustang, Stands Up for Ellen DeGeneres”

Kevin Hart was seen casually driving around Los Angeles in style on Thursday, sporting attire from his What Now? tour back in 2015. The 41-year-old funnyman stepped out of his sleek black Mustang convertible and headed into an office building in the heart of the city. Rocking a black sleeveless hoodie from his stand-up show at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia, where he sold over 53,000 tickets, the Jumanji star looked effortlessly cool as he went about his day.

City drive: Kevin Hart, 41, was spotted heading into an office building on Thursday after driving his elegantly restored black Mustang convertible through Los Angeles

Urban cruise: Kevin Hart, aged 41, was seen entering a workplace in Los Angeles on Thursday after cruising around the city in his beautifully restored black Mustang convertible. Sporting a hoodie with a stadium print on the back, Kevin paired it with black shorts from his popular comedy tour. Completing his casual look with chunky gray sneakers and a stylish gold wristwatch, the Night School actor exuded a sporty vibe. His convertible boasted a stunning red leather interior, adding a modern touch to the classic car. Although the pandemic continues, Kevin entered the building without wearing a mask.

Big succes: The Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle star was decked out in a black sleeveless hoodie that commemorated his stand-up set at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia, to which he sold more than 53,000 tickets

Huge achievement: The actor from Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle rocked a black sleeveless hoodie celebrating his comedy show at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia, where he managed to sell over 53,000 tickets.

Self promotion: Kevin paired the hoodie, which featured the stadium on the back, with a matching set of black shorts that were also from the successful comedy tour

Promoting himself, Kevin rocked the hoodie showcasing the stadium at the back, along with a coordinated pair of black shorts from his hit comedy tour.

Sporty style: He rounded out his sporty look with chunky gray trainers and a gold luxury wristwatch

Dressed in a sporty ensemble, he completed his look with gray chunky sneakers and a luxurious gold wristwatch. Despite a serious injury from a previous incident involving his classic car, he appeared to be in good shape and health. The accident occurred on September 1, 2019, when his friend Jared Black was driving his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda too fast, causing it to roll into a ditch. Kevin Hart, along with his friend’s fiancée, was a passenger in the car. Hart was the only one able to exit the vehicle on his own. After leaving the scene, he went home to seek medical attention. According to the California Highway Patrol report.

Health scare: In September, Kevin seriously injured his back when his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda rolled into a ditch

Health scare: Kevin experienced a serious back injury in September when his vintage 1970 Plymouth Barracuda accidentally veered off the road and into a ditch.

Getting help: The comedian wasn't driving and left the scene to get medical attention at his home, according to the California Highway Patrol

Seeking assistance: The comedian did not drive away from the scene, but instead, departed to seek medical attention at his residence, as reported by the California Highway Patrol.

Helping a friend: Kevin was out and about after he publicly defended Ellen DeGeneres amid her ongoing workplace scandal

Helping a friend: Kevin was seen out and about showing his support for Ellen DeGeneres in the midst of her workplace scandal. Ellen, a fellow comedian, faced accusations of fostering a toxic workplace environment where producers allegedly sexually harassed employees and racist comments were made on set. Despite these serious allegations, Ellen herself has not been directly implicated. However, former employees claimed on social media that she had some unusual behavior, like requiring them to chew gum from a bowl before talking to her to ensure fresh breath, and insisting on employees showering if she felt they had a bad smell. Kevin stood by Ellen, joining other celebrities in defending her on Instagram this week.

Toxic: He defended Ellen on Instagram on Tuesday after former employees accused her of turning a blind eye to producers who allegedly sexually harassed employees

Negative: On Instagram, Kevin came forward to support Ellen after former employees raised allegations of her ignoring producers’ sexual misconduct. He expressed his disbelief at seeing his friend facing public scrutiny and defended her as an amazing person. Kevin shared how Ellen has always shown love and respect to him and his team. He expressed his disappointment at the negativity rampant on the internet and called for an end to the culture of celebrating the downfall of others. Kevin emphasized the importance of returning to a kinder and more loving society. While some criticized Kevin’s message, highlighting the mistreatment of staff members, it was noted that there were no reports of guests or celebrity friends being treated poorly by Ellen or her producers.

Not a fan: After social media users criticized him for sticking up for Ellen, despite claims that she was only mean to employees and not her peers, he returned to Instagram with a short video deriding social media

Not a supporter: After facing backlash from social media users for supporting Ellen despite allegations of her mistreating employees rather than her peers, he took to Instagram with a brief clip criticizing social media.
Later that day, Kevin took to Instagram to express frustration over the negative feedback his initial post received on social media.
Some social media users accused him of siding with Ellen because she had defended him publicly in January 2019 and had him on her show to help repair his reputation following the resurfacing of his past homophobic tweets.
Hart had stepped down as host of the Oscars due to the controversy, but DeGeneres’ support appeared to have helped improve his public image at that time.

Old pals: Ellen defended Kevin early last year after he dropped out of hosting the Oscars due to homophobic tweets that resurfaced. Detractors claimed that having him on her show helped cleanse his image; shown in January

Ellen stood up for Kevin back in the day when he decided to step down as host of the Oscars because of old homophobic tweets coming to light. Critics thought that by having him on her show, she was trying to improve his reputation. This happened in January.

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