Kevin Hart’s Bloody Mishap on The Toronto Trailblazer Set: A Break from Filming for His 100 Million Instagram Milestone

Kevin Hart seemed a little roughed up while filming his new action comedy, The Man From Toronto, on Tuesday. The 41-year-old actor was seen with a bloody face and shirt during an action scene for the movie, which is currently being shot in Toronto, Canada. After the intense filming session, Hart took a moment to jump on social media and express his gratitude to his Instagram followers for helping him reach the impressive milestone of 100 million followers.

Action star: Kevin Hart was looking a bit worse for the wear on the set of his upcoming action comedy, The Man From Toronto, on Tuesday, as he celebrated 100 million Instagram followers

During filming for his new action-packed comedy, The Man From Toronto, Kevin Hart appeared a bit rough around the edges while marking the milestone of reaching 100 million followers on Instagram.

During filming, Kevin was dressed in character in a cream-colored Henley, black pants, and a black quilted jacket. Although his outfit would have been stylish, it was ruined by fake blood and dirt.
In one scene, Hart was captured running out of a vintage black Dodge Charger and sprinting down the street with smoke rising from the car.
His co-star, Jasmine Mathews, who plays his on-screen wife in the film, was also present on set. The two of them were filmed shooting a scene together at a train station.

At work: The 41-year-old actor was spotted with a bloody face and shirt while filming an action sequence for the flick which is (fittingly) being filmed in Toronto, Canada

During filming, the 41-year-old actor was seen with a bloodied face and shirt as he shot an action scene for the movie being filmed in Toronto, Canada.

Rough day? Hart's costume was covered with dirt and fake blood and his face looked bloodied and beaten up

In costume: On set, Kevin was dressed in character wearing a cream colored Henley, black pants and a black quilted jacket

Having a tough time? Hart’s outfit was completely filthy with dust and artificial blood, and his face appeared bruised and cut.

Action! In the scene, Hart was seen running out of a classic black Dodge Charger and bolting down the street as smoke billowed from the vehicle

In a thrilling scene, Hart made a swift exit from a stylish black Dodge Charger and dashed down the street while smoke swirled around the car. Alongside him, his stunt double was ready for some adrenaline-pumping shots to be captured. In between scenes, Kevin received some valuable direction from director Patrick Hughes.

The action-packed comedy film revolves around the story of the world-renowned assassin, The Man From Toronto, who mistakenly gets involved with Teddy, described as the biggest blunder in New York, during an Airbnb mix-up. Together, they must join forces to save the day.

During a break in filming, the cast and crew took a breather while Kevin took the chance to celebrate a significant social media milestone.

Co-stars: Kevin also filmed a scene with his on-screen wife, actress Jasmine Mathews

Kevin also had the opportunity to work alongside his on-screen partner, the talented actress Jasmine Mathews, in a scene for the movie.

Travelers: Kevin and Jasmine's characters were carrying several rolling suitcases at a train station

As Kevin and Jasmine made their way through the bustling train station, they were lugging multiple rolling suitcases behind them.

Movie magic! Hart is seen here being touched up by a makeup artist who is adding fake blood to his face

Experience the enchantment of the silver screen! Hart is captured in this moment receiving a touch-up from a talented makeup artist, applying artificial blood to his face.

Safety first: The crew was all decked out in masks, shields and other forms of personal protective equipment

Putting safety as a top priority, the crew made sure to wear masks, shields, and various other types of personal protective gear.

He shared on his Instagram account: ‘Hitting 100 million followers on IG feels amazing!!! All thanks to you guys… I truly cherish each one of you. Your love and backing truly lifts me up!!!!’In addition to the caption, the celebrity posted a brief video expressing gratitude to his fans, donning his on-screen bloody makeup and holding a celebratory cupcake. ‘It’s been a journey of perseverance – blood, sweat, and tears. My face tells that story,’ the comedian said with a straight face to the camera.

Working together: Between takes, the comedy star was spotted getting direction from director Patrick Hughes

Collaborating: In between scenes, the comedic actor was seen receiving guidance from director Patrick Hughes.

Seeing double: The Jumanji star's stunt double was on hand (left) which presumably means there were some action-packed shots being filmed

Spotting two of a kind: The actor from Jumanji had their stunt double standing by, suggesting that some exciting action scenes were in the works.

What's the story: The action-comedy follows the world's greatest assassin, known solely as The Man From Toronto, who gets mistaken for Teddy, described as 'New York's biggest screw-up' at an Airbnb rental, as they're forced to team up and save the day

The plot centers around an action-comedy featuring the top assassin in the world, known only as The Man From Toronto. He finds himself mixed up with Teddy, who is known as the biggest screw-up in New York, at an Airbnb rental. Together, they must join forces to save the day.

Leading men: The Man from Toronto stars Kevin Hart alongside actor Woody Harrelson

Famous actors: Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson team up in The Man from Toronto
Kevin Hart was expressing his gratitude to his fans when he was playfully interrupted by a masked colleague.
The director jokingly interjects to remind Hart to focus on filming instead of showering love on Instagram.
Hart jokes about not enjoying sweets as he wraps up his speech, mentioning the chocolate cupcake in front of him.

Cast of characters: Kaley Cuoco and Ellen Barkin also star in the action-comedy from director Patrick Hughes (The Hitman's Bodyguard) and writers Chris Bremner (Bad Boys For Life) and Robbie Fox (Playing For Keeps)

The action-comedy features an ensemble cast including Kaley Cuoco and Ellen Barkin, with direction by Patrick Hughes (known for The Hitman’s Bodyguard) and scriptwriting by Chris Bremner (from Bad Boys For Life) and Robbie Fox (writer for Playing For Keeps).

Exciting! During a break, the A-lister took a break to hop on social media for a quick video thanking his Instagram fans for helping him cross the 100 million follower threshold

How exhilarating! In a moment of downtime, the popular celebrity decided to go on social media to express his gratitude to his Instagram supporters for helping him reach over 100 million followers. “The Man from Toronto” features Hart and actor Woody Harrelson as the main stars. The film was initially planned with Jason Statham in the lead role alongside Hart, but Statham withdrew in March, coinciding with the production halt caused by COVID-19. Rumor has it that Statham departed due to differences with producers regarding the film’s overall tone.

'It's a lot of hard work - blood, sweat and tears. My face is a representation of that,' the comedian dead-panned to the camera.

“It’s been a real grind – putting in the hours, the effort, the hustle. Every line on my face tells a story,” joked the comedian directly to the camera.

A crew member steps in to hilariously interrupt Hart's love-fest with Instagram: 'Kevin can you cut the s**t we need to film.'

During a recent Instagram post, Kevin Hart was hilariously interrupted by a crew member who reminded him they needed to start filming. Despite Hart’s desire for an R-rated film, Sony executives stood firm on their decision to make a more family-friendly movie. The action-comedy, also starring Kaley Cuoco and Ellen Barkin, is directed by Patrick Hughes and written by Chris Bremner and Robbie Fox. Originally set for a November release, The Man From Toronto will now hit theaters on September 17, 2021.

'I don't eat sweets so this is a waste of time,' he quips at the end while referencing the chocolate cupcake.

He casually remarks at the conclusion, “I don’t indulge in sweets, so this chocolate cupcake is all for nothing.”

Big screen: Sony Pictures had originally eyed a November 20 opening for The Man From Toronto, but now it will be released on September 17, 2021

Sony Pictures originally planned to release The Man From Toronto on November 20, but the release date has been moved up to September 17, 2021.

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