Kevin Hart advocates for mental health awareness: “It’s no laughing matter, people really do struggle”

In The Unwind series by Yahoo Life, various experts, influencers, and celebrities open up about their wellness and mental health practices, from self-care routines to healthy boundaries and uplifting mantras.

Kevin Hart, the popular comedian, emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in dealing with the current mental health challenges. As an enthusiastic runner who has conquered marathons in New York City and Chicago, he finds solace and meditation while hitting the pavement.

Apart from his own well-being, Hart’s LOL Studios has collaborated with Headspace to emphasize the significance of mental wellness. Through initiatives like “Energy Shots with Kevin,” where he shares empowering messages, and the new “Meditate With Me” YouTube series featuring meditation conversations with fellow comedians like Tiffany Haddish and Hasan Minhaj, Hart is committed to promoting mental health awareness.

In this instalment of The Unwind, Hart delves into the vital role that fitness plays in maintaining his personal well-being.

For the comedian, prioritizing self-care involves finding time to exercise alone, either at the gym or on a run. Running has become a significant part of their wellness routine, providing a sense of calm and clarity. They view running as a form of meditation, allowing them to reflect on themselves and gain mental clarity.

When it comes to running, the comedian switches between listening to music and running in silence, depending on their mood and the environment. They find that different types of music can enhance or change their running experience, making it day-dependent.

Aside from running, the comedian values alone time at the gym as another self-care ritual. They use this time to relax, breathe, and reflect on their day, week, and goals. Being alone in the gym allows them to focus on their thoughts, whether positive or negative, and come to terms with them.

Despite the demands of their job as a comedian, the comedian has learned to separate work from personal struggles. They prioritize addressing their mental health issues outside of work and have become more adept at handling challenges over the years.

In light of the pandemic, the importance of mental health has become a more open conversation, especially among celebrities. The comedian acknowledges the struggles many people face with mental health and emphasizes the need to prioritize one’s well-being. They commend those who have shared their own mental health struggles, as it encourages others to do the same.

With the support of Headspace, the comedian has found a valuable resource for navigating their thoughts, practicing mindfulness, and seeking clarity. They believe that understanding mindfulness is crucial and commend the growing awareness and interest in mental well-being.

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