Thirsty Toivo: The Feline Vampire with a Taste for Milk

A unique feline from Finland has been captured on film channeling his inner vampire with his frightening fangs, resembling a furry Dracula. Toivo, a five-year-old oriental shorthair cat, is seen striking a pose next to a pumpkin, sending chills down the spines of his housemates with his dark fur and striking golden eyes. In the photos, Toivo is joined by his buddies Hannu, a four-year-old tabby, and Marsel, a one-year-old oriental shorthair with white fur. Tuomas Ikonen, the owner, shared, “People usually find Toivo amusing or peculiar in appearance. They often say he looks more like a bat or lizard than a cat, and I can see why. We have always been intrigued by the mysterious appearance of black cats, especially oriental breeds. Everything that defines a cat is heightened in oriental cats, making them truly fascinating.”

Five-year-old oriental shorthair Toivo can spooking out his housemates with his jet-black fur and piercing golden eyes

Toivo, the five-year-old oriental shorthair, has a talent for startling his housemates with his sleek jet-black coat and mesmerizing golden eyes.

Toivo bears his fangs for the camera

Toivo flashes his sharp teeth for the photoshoot

Toivo striking his best Halloween pose

Toivo showcasing his top-notch Halloween costume pose.

More than a decade ago, we welcomed our first black oriental cat into our family. Unfortunately, he crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of seven, and that’s when Toivo came into our lives. Tuomas mentioned that despite Toivo’s unique appearance, he is the most composed feline in the household. According to Tuomas, each cat has its own distinct personality. Toivo, in particular, has a boisterous voice that he is not shy about using – likened to an off-key opera singer. Despite his fierce appearance reminiscent of a panther-bat mix, Toivo is actually the most tranquil and affectionate cat. He is gentle and wouldn’t harm a fly. Our daughter loves carrying him around the house, and Toivo revels in the attention and affection.

Toivo with his friend Hannu, four, a ticked tabby

Toivo and his buddy Hannu, a four-year-old tabby cat with distinctive markings.

Toivo standing next to a pumpkin

Toivo by the side of a massive pumpkin

Toivo and his friends

Toivo and his buddies

Toivo striking a cute pose in the house

Toivo looking adorable as he strikes a charming pose indoors.

Toivo and Marsel, one, also an oriental shorthair

Toivo and Marsel are a pair, one being an oriental shorthair cat.

Toivo throwing a mean pose

Toivo striking a fierce pose, the proud owner of the cat shared some valuable advice for those thinking about getting a furry feline friend this October. He emphasized the importance of being prepared to care for a cat for 15 to 20 years, especially if it’s an Oriental breed that craves human affection and can be quite vocal. He warned that veterinary bills can add up if they fall ill.

Oriental cats are known for their social nature and dislike of being alone, so it’s best not to get them as the only cat in a household. He advised against supporting kitten mills and instead recommended adopting from reputable breeders or shelters where pure-bred cats come with necessary documentation.

When adopting from a shelter, he suggested considering a black cat, as they often face higher rates of euthanasia and lower adoption rates due to superstitions about their color. By giving these cats a loving home, one can help break the stigma and provide a deserving pet with a second chance.

Toivo posing against a blood red backdrop

Toivo standing confidently in front of a vibrant crimson background

Toivo lazing about on the sofa

Toivo sprawled out on the couch, enjoying a lazy moment.

Toivo and his friends deliver menacing glances for the camera ahead of Halloween

Toivo and his pals give off spooky stares as they pose for a Halloween photoshoot.

Toivo striking a spooky pose

Toivo is pulling off a creepy and eerie stance.

Toivo on the grass.  His owner described him as looking like a 'badass panther-bat hybrid'

Toivo lounges on the lawn, his human companion affectionately likening him to a fierce cross between a panther and a bat.

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