Unusual Tale: Man Deals with Cat’s Demands After Month-long Absence from Girlfriend, Social Media Users Find it Entertaining

Cats are absolutely adorable creatures. These free-spirited and fuzzy companions bring so much joy into our lives, which is why they are beloved by many.
However, they also have a reputation for being a bit moody and sometimes even a tad vindictive. Case in point, a recent post on Reddit told the tale of a cat who showed extreme disdain towards her owner’s partner for not visiting for a month, displaying dramatic behavior that could rival any theater performance. Check out the full story below!
Despite their aloof facade, cats actually crave our company more than we realize, and they are not shy about expressing their discontent when we are absent for extended periods of time.

Photo credits go to 44dedsca (the real snap of the feline). Kitty, the cat, who usually dislikes men, surprisingly gave her paw of approval to her owner’s new boyfriend when they first crossed paths.

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After a while, the partners got caught up in their own busy schedules, and the man was unable to visit for an entire month.

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Photo credit: 44dedsca (photograph of the cat)
Upon his eventual return, Kitty spent the entire day snubbing the man, shooting him disdainful glares, and darting away whenever he attempted to pet her.

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Photo credits go to 44dedsca, who captured the adorable cat in the image. Don’t forget to hit the share button!

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Photo credit: yaNastee

The man attempted to make amends with the cat by kneeling down next to the chair where she was peacefully napping, but his efforts were met with a cold shoulder.

The original poster shared the story of her 7-year-old feline companion, Kitty, who never trusted men due to a past incident where she was accidentally stepped on as a kitten. Surprisingly, Kitty immediately took a liking to the woman’s boyfriend when they first met.

As time passed, the man and the cat formed a strong bond. However, their busy schedules led to fewer visits, much to Kitty’s dismay. When the man finally visited, Kitty decided to show her disapproval by completely shunning him and giving him disdainful looks.

Despite the man’s attempts to apologize and make amends, Kitty remained unimpressed, even rolling over and sighing in response. The OP later shared an update revealing a humorous scenario where her boyfriend caught her cuddling with Kitty, leading to speculation that Kitty orchestrated the whole situation.

Commenters were enamored with Kitty’s behavior, requesting photos and sharing their own similar experiences. Some even joked about the woman marrying her boyfriend due to his efforts to win over the feline’s affections, with the original poster agreeing wholeheartedly.

Image credits: Paul Hanaoka (photo not shown by author)

In the vast realm of internet stories, it’s easy to see that cats aren’t just living with us out of convenience. But have you ever wondered how deep this bond really goes? Well, to answer this burning question, we delved into Martha Stewart’s blog.

According to a study conducted at Oregon State University, cats are capable of forming intricate, unique, and deeply emotional connections with their human companions, contrary to popular belief. The research team utilized an attachment test typically used on dogs and primates, observing emotional cues similar to those seen in human infants.

During the experiment, 70 kittens were placed in a room with a caregiver. After a brief period together, the caregiver would leave the room and return later, monitoring the kittens’ reactions classified as ‘secure,’ ‘ambivalent,’ ‘disorganized,’ or ‘avoidant.’

The study revealed that over 60% of the felines exhibited a secure attachment style, showing distress upon the caregiver’s departure but seeking reassurance and exploring upon their return. Around 30% displayed insecure attachment behavior, either clinging to the caregiver or avoiding contact altogether.

Interestingly, when the experiment was repeated with the same kittens and older cats two months later, the results remained consistent. The ratio of secure and insecure attachments among cats mirrored that of human children, highlighting the complexities of a cat’s emotional development.

While these findings shed light on the emotional depth of our feline friends, there is much more to uncover. Cats, much like dogs and humans, experience a wide array of emotions, reinforcing the idea that they share our lives for reasons beyond mere comfort and sustenance.

What are your thoughts on Kitty and her captivating tale? Do you have any heartwarming cat stories of your own to share? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Commenters couldn’t get enough of Kitty, eagerly requesting photos and suggesting that the poster should consider marrying the man who went above and beyond for the cat.

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