When a Chance Encounter with a Stray Kitten Leads to a Life-Altering Journey for One Woman

Woman Rescues Kitten and Watches Him Transform, the Kitten Ends Up Changing Her Life

A woman saved a cat and witnessed his incredible transformation, which ultimately changed her life for the better.

tuxedo kitten

Emilie, an animal rescuer and foster parent in Milwaukee, WI, never imagined that a tiny premature kitten would have such a profound impact on her life. Four months back, she welcomed a litter of premature kittens after their feral mother had abandoned them. Despite her dedicated care, only one fluffy little kitten managed to survive. This sole survivor may have been small and weak, but he displayed an incredible strength and determination to keep fighting.

preemie kitten

Emilie, known as @emiliexfosters on social media, dedicated herself to providing constant and intensive care for a little one in need. She made sure that the tiny creature had a full belly thanks to tube-feeding and stayed warm in a cozy incubator. Every time Emilie went to feed the kitten, she was taken aback by the loud meows coming from such a small body. “Every time I opened the incubator, there he was screaming for food,” Emilie shared with Love Meow.

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Emilie @emiliexfosters shared how after several days of tender loving care, the little kitten became strong enough to feed from a bottle. His name was chosen as Fievel, inspired by a character from the movie “An American Tail.” Fievel sported a striking silver grey coat, known as a fever coat, with light pinkish white paws on all four limbs. “It is believed that the mother cat may have had a fever or experienced high levels of stress during her pregnancy. Fever coats typically disappear over time, leaving behind just the darker coloring.”

tiny tuxedo kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters shared that Fievel didn’t experience the white pigmentation and darkening of the roots until he was around three weeks old. Despite being a little behind in development, he persevered and achieved many milestones. Once he found his footing, Fievel was eager to start exploring. As a premature baby, he was defying all odds stacked against him.

screaming kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters shared how Fievel quickly gathered other foster kittens to join him in causing mischief when it was time for socializing. He would bounce around the house in every direction, almost like he had springs on his feet. Fievel grew into a charismatic cat with a bold persona. He was determined to show the young ones how to be brave, racing through the house as if he was the boss.

tiny tuxedo kitten

Emilie, on her social media handle @emiliexfosters, shared a heartwarming story about a foster cat named Persephone who took Fievel under her wing and cared for him as her own. Persephone showed a special affection towards Fievel, going above and beyond even for her own kittens. According to Emilie, it seemed like Persephone could sense that Fievel was a bit more delicate than the other cats.

screaming kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters pointed out that as Fievel matured into a young cat, his tuxedo coloring became more noticeable. Over time, the once silver grey kitten transformed into a stunning black tuxedo cat with four white socks and his distinctive mustache, becoming even more handsome as he grew older.

crab walking kitten, fever coat

Emilie @emiliexfosters just can’t believe the transformation in his appearance. He truly is turning into a sophisticated gentleman. The handsome tuxedo cat showers Emilie with loud purrs, actively searches for her when she’s not around, and always comes running when she calls his name.

cat mom kittens

Emilie, with the username @emiliexfosters, shared that a few weeks back, her brother was considering adopting a cat, but unfortunately, his cat was too overwhelming for the new feline. After witnessing how much her brother adored her foster cats and how much he assisted them, Emilie knew he was the perfect match for adoption. She relayed this information to Love Meow.

silver grey kitten

Emilie @emiliexfosters shared a heartwarming moment of Fievel snuggling with her dog and cat on social media. She adopted Fievel and is grateful to have him in her life, especially as he becomes a “big brother” to many orphaned kittens. She expressed her gratitude for having Fievel as a permanent part of her life.

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