Unveiling J.Lo’s Chic Strappy Black Swimsuit from the Catchy “Can’t Get Enough” Remix Video

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Jennifer López enciende las redes sociales ¡Entérate!

Watch Jennifer Lopez Slide Down a Rope in Bikini in SEXY Cant Get Enough  Music Video - YouTube

Jennifer López enciende las redes sociales ¡Entérate!

Jennifer Lopez has recently released the music video for the remix of “Can’t Get Enough,” featuring Latto, and it’s a visual feast for the eyes, especially in terms of the outfits she flaunts. One particular ensemble that caught our attention, and has us yearning for warmer days, is her strappy black swimsuit. It’s so stylish that it evokes daydreams of lounging by the beach or getting an invite to a luxurious beach house. We did some investigation and discovered that J.Lo is donning the Rings swimsuit set from Bananhot. The good news is that it’s still available in various sizes, so if you’re curious and ready to make a purchase, your credit card can come to the rescue.

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In a recent interview with Zane Lowe from The Hollywood Reporter, J.Lo expressed that her new album, titled “This Is Me…Now,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck. She explained that the album aims to capture the essence of their current relationship, which she believes is even more blissful than before. J.Lo wanted to emphasize that true love exists, in contrast to any doubts or moments of hopelessness that she, and others, may have experienced. According to her, the album’s message is about the enduring nature of love and the fact that some things truly do last forever. Speaking about Ben’s reaction, Jennifer shared that he questioned whether she was comfortable being so open with their personal journey. However, she expressed that she couldn’t find any other way to convey her emotions and experiences.

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