Kevin Hart Acquires Legendary 1987 Buick Grand National GNX, Dubbed ‘The Dark Knight’, Long After Infamous Car Crash

Kevin Hart, the famous comedian and actor, recently acquired a 1987 Buick Grand National GNX, which he affectionately named ‘The Dark Knight.’ This purchase comes more than three years after Hart endured a severe car accident in Southern California, resulting in serious back injuries.

Hart proudly showcased his new vehicle at the Las Vegas car show SEMA, where it took center stage at the MagnaFlow booth. Speaking to the crowd at the event, TMZ reported that Hart confidently declared, ‘I don’t simply admire cars from afar; I actually enjoy driving them. This beauty will be my everyday mode of transportation.’

With this recent addition to his collection, Kevin Hart proves his love for cars goes beyond mere aesthetics, as he embraces the opportunity to cruise around in style and comfort in ‘The Dark Knight.’

The latest: Kevin Hart, 43, has purchased a 1987 Buick Grand National GNX he's nicknamed 'The Dark Knight,' just more than three years after a car crash in Southern California in which he suffered serious back injuries. He was pictured in LA in July

In a recent development, Kevin Hart, the well-known actor, comedian, and producer, has made an exciting purchase. After recovering from a serious car crash in Southern California three years ago, Hart has now become the proud owner of a 1987 Buick Grand National GNX. Affectionately called ‘The Dark Knight,’ this vintage beauty was spotted being driven by the star in Los Angeles in July.

According to reports, Hart’s new ride has gone through quite the transformation during an eight-month restoration process. The vehicle received some impressive upgrades, including a new exhaust, a carbon fiber hood, splitter, and a custom front fascia bumper. Most notably, a Cadillac V-Series V6 engine has been installed, replacing the original Buick engine.

The masterminds behind this remarkable restoration are the experts at Salvaggio Design, a reputable business based in Wisconsin. This isn’t the first time they have collaborated with Hart, having worked together on previous projects. For this particular venture, they joined forces with designer Sean Smith to create a truly powerful and striking vehicle.

Salvaggio Design shares that ‘The Dark Knight’ perfectly embodies a subtle theme inspired by the iconic superhero. The car boasts a sinister black exterior, exuding an air of mystery. The interior features a striking combination of blue and grey hues, reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s suit and cape. To add a unique touch, the design incorporates bronze accents, paying homage to Batman’s famous utility belt.

With his new one-of-a-kind car in hand, Kevin Hart continues to showcase his love for automobiles and his personality through his choice of vehicles. This latest addition to his collection undoubtedly reflects his taste for sleek and powerful rides, leaving fans eager to see what he’ll acquire next.

The Ride Along star's new vehicle was fitted with a new exhaust, carbon fiber hood, splitter and custom front fascia bumper in an eight-month restoration job

After eight months of dedicated restoration work, the popular actor of Ride Along can now proudly flaunt his newly revamped automobile. This fresh set of wheels not only boasts a brand-new exhaust system but also features a sleek carbon fiber hood, a stylish splitter, and a customized front fascia bumper.

Salvaggio Design, which worked on the car, said that 'the subtle Dark Knight theme is apparent in its sinister black exterior'

Salvaggio Design, the mastermind behind the car’s design, expressed that the sleek Dark Knight aesthetic shines through in its menacing all-black appearance.

A Cadillac V-Series V6 engine was installed in place of the Buick's engine

The Buick’s engine was replaced with a Cadillac V-Series V6 engine. According to the company, they utilized 3D printing technology to create a front bumper that incorporated functional ducts to enhance cooling and improve aerodynamics. This 3D-printed bumper then served as a mold for the carbon fiber bumper. Additionally, carbon fiber was employed for the hood, chin spoiler, mirrors, as well as various interior and engine details. The company’s next objective was to refine the body lines, giving them more defined contours and repositioning the door shut lines to allow for better flow. They also introduced new door handles made from billet, which were adorned with carbon fiber inlays, and a contemporary iteration of the Grand National badge.

The company Magnaflow showcased the vehicle at its booth in Vegas and on its social media

Magnaflow, the renowned company, proudly displayed their latest vehicle at their booth in Las Vegas, captivating the audience with its stunning features. The excitement spilled over to their social media platforms, where they shared exclusive glimpses of the vehicle, amplifying the thrill for their followers.

Hart told the crowd at the auto show, 'I don't just sit in the cars, I drive the cars. This will be a daily driver'

During his appearance at the auto show, Hart assured the audience that he doesn’t just admire the cars from the driver’s seat, but actively takes them for a spin. He emphasized that the vehicle on display would be suitable for regular use.

It has been over three years since Hart endured significant injuries in a horrifying car accident on September 1, 2019, in Malibu Hills, California. The incident occurred when he was a passenger in his own 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which unexpectedly veered off Mulholland Highway and crashed into a ditch. At the time, the car was being driven by Jared Stanton, the partner of Rebecca Broxterman, who happens to be the personal trainer of Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish.

In May 2020, Hart shared his experience of the aftermath of the crash during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He tearfully revealed that his most significant outpouring of emotions occurred on the day he returned home from the hospital after spending ten days there and commencing an extensive rehabilitation process. Leaving the hospital brought immense relief to Hart, as it meant he would never have to lay eyes on the house again, nor walk on the familiar driveway. The possibility of never seeing his wife and kids again loomed over him, causing profound sorrow.

In his determination to expedite his recovery, Hart admitted to deceiving the medical staff during his hospital stay. He concealed his pain, fearing that if they were aware of it, they would impede his progress and prevent him from continuing his walking exercises.

Hart in July of 2019 was pictured next to his  Plymouth Barracuda, which he was a passenger in amid a car crash two months later

In July 2019, an image captured Hart standing alongside his beloved Plymouth Barracuda, a car that would later become the site of an unfortunate accident in which he was a passenger. This incident took place two months following the photo.

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