Unique Title: “A Surprise Twist: Jennifer Lopez’s Bra Reveal at Alex Rodriguez’s Daughter’s Birthday Party”

At a recent birthday party thrown by Alex Rodriguez and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez for his daughter Ella, things got a bit awkward when Jennifer decided to change into a revealing lacy bra right in front of Alex’s ex-wife Cynthia. Despite the uncomfortable situation, the trio managed to put together a fun celebration for Ella’s twelfth birthday while making sure to follow social distancing guidelines. Cynthia, who was married to Alex for six years, did her best to avert her eyes as Jennifer casually stripped down, opting to stay cool in her plaid shirt instead.

That's so J-LOW! Jennifer awkwardly stripped down to her nude lacy bra in front of Alex Rodriguez's ex wife at his daughter's 12th birthday bash in Miami on Tuesday

How J-LOW! Jennifer caused a stir by unexpectedly revealing a nude lacy bra at Alex Rodriguez’s daughter’s 12th birthday party in Miami, with his ex-wife present.

Stripping off: Jennifer Lopez appeared to be struggling in the Miami heat on Tuesday, as she took off her top

Peeling away: Jennifer Lopez was battling the Miami heat on Tuesday, as she removed her top and opted for a very sexy outfit, pairing it with crisp white shorts, taking off her cropped sweatshirt and Alexander McQueen trainers. Her natural curls were styled into a bun atop her head. Also in attendance were Ella’s sister Natasha Rodriguez, J-Lo’s twelve-year-old twins Max and Emme, and other young family members. While it seemed that guests were only driving by to offer birthday wishes, there were a few individuals involved in the celebrations, including what appeared to be a videographer documenting the special day.

On The Floor: Jennifer relaxed as she reclined in the grass and watched the events unfold

Chilling on the Ground: Jennifer kicked back and laid in the grass, casually observing everything happening around her.

Taking a break: Jennifer and Alex were seen having a breather from the festivities sitting out on the lawn in Miami

Chilling out: Jennifer and Alex were spotted relaxing away from the party scene, lounging on the grass in Miami.

Playing ball: Jennifer was first seen with Alex's ex-wife Cynthia at Natasha Rodriguez's graduation in May last year proving there is no animosity

Jennifer was spotted alongside Alex’s former spouse Cynthia at Natasha Rodriguez’s graduation ceremony in May of last year, showcasing their friendly relationship and dispelling any rumors of animosity between them.

Family affair: (L-R) Cynthia, Alex, Natasha Rodriguez, Ella , Jennifer - Alex divorced Cynthia in 2008

Family photo: From left to right, Cynthia, Alex, Natasha Rodriguez, Ella, and Jennifer. Alex and Cynthia divorced in 2008, but still come together for family events.

Jen and the ex: The pair were pictured hanging out together at the birthday bash on Tuesday

Harmonious: The pair appeared to be making every effort to get along for the sake of the children

Jen and her former partner were seen chilling together at a birthday celebration recently. In a post on Instagram, she urged everyone to stay home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and give a shoutout to the healthcare workers on the frontline. J-Lo and Alex were then called out by the Governor of New York to encourage others to #StopTheSpread, and they nominated Jimmy Fallon to join in. A few days later, Jen was spotted hitting the gym in Miami with Alex, but it’s not clear if it was a private session. The family made sure to follow social distancing rules at the party, showing that they’re good sports.

Friendly: Jen and Cynthia appeared to be in good spirits at the birthday bash together

Casual: Jen and Cynthia seemed to be having a great time together at the birthday celebration.

Getting stuck in: Cynthia was seen serving the three-tiered cake with the birthday girl's name written across it

Jumping right in: Cynthia was spotted presenting the birthday girl with a three-tiered cake featuring her name elegantly scripted on top.

Feeling the heat: J-Lo adjusts her outfit amid festivities for Ella Rodriguez's 12th birthday party

Looking good: Jen showed off her incredible physique as she walked around in an all-white ensemble

J-Lo makes a fashion change while celebrating Ella Rodriguez’s 12th birthday bash amidst the summer heat.

Birthday gang: Alex, Jen, and Cynthia are seen with their children and family members for Ella's special day

The birthday squad, consisting of Alex, Jen, and Cynthia, gathered with their families and children to celebrate Ella’s special day. However, most party attendees opted for ‘drive-by’ birthday wishes, forming a colorful procession with banners. One guest even decorated their SUV with a big ‘happy birthday Ella’ sign on the back.

As the celebrations continued, Jennifer zipped around in a golf buggy with her kids, ensuring everything was in place – from the three-tiered cake with ‘Ella’ written on it to the festive balloon displays and birthday banners.

The Miami weather, hovering in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, prompted the Jenny From The Block singer to shed her top, feeling the heat in her all-white outfit.

Good one! Jen and Alex give the classic parental 'thumbs up' as their children play

Awesome job! Jen and Alex signal their approval with a classic parental gesture as their kids have fun playing.

Modern family: Jen was seen with the birthday girl Ella (right) and her own daughter Emme (left)

Jen was spotted with birthday girl Ella and her daughter Emme, enjoying a get-together with their modern family.

Party on the lawn: Jen and Alex appeared be throwing quite the spectacle, despite social distancing guidelines

Having a blast on the front lawn: Jen and Alex seemed to be hosting a huge event, completely disregarding the rules of social distancing.

Big arrival: Ella's sister Natasha is seen driving on a gold buggy with a woman helping keep the birthday cake upright

Exciting entrance: Natasha, Ella’s sister, arrives in style driving a golden buggy, with another woman assisting in keeping the birthday cake stable.

Spectacle: There appeared to be a gathering among those coming to wish Ella a happy birthday

Scene: It seemed that a crowd was forming as people arrived to celebrate Ella’s birthday.

Crew: Jen's twins Max and Emma are seen with Ella wearing a birthday girl sash

Jen’s twins, Max and Emma, were spotted alongside Ella, all wearing birthday girl sashes.

Last May, Alex, Jennifer, and Cynthia were photographed together for the first time at their daughter Natasha’s middle school graduation. Alex captioned the group photo with, “Can’t believe my beautiful angel is starting High School! Congrats Tashi, we’re so proud of you!”

This display of friendship was unexpected, especially considering previous reports that Cynthia was upset with Alex for wanting to reduce child support and alimony payments. Alex had been caught up in a $115k per month spousal support battle with his ex-wife, a decade after their acrimonious divorce.

Fun all round: Emme was seen kicking a ball about outside during the celebrations

Having a blast: Emme was spotted playing soccer outside while everyone was enjoying the party.

Birthday drive-by! To ensure they were not having a 'mass gathering' for the party, guests were encouraged to drive by to wish Ella a happy birthday

Birthday parade! In order to comply with social distancing measures, friends and family were asked to participate in a drive-by celebration to greet Ella on her special day.

Well-wishes: Friends of the birthday girl made their wishes known by holding up banners

Are you SURE you're social distancing? A group of people are seen leaving gifts near a lap top that has been set up in relation to the birthday party

Happy greetings: The birthday girl’s friends displayed their good wishes by raising brightly colored banners.

Grouped together: Alex Rodriguez is seen standing in a group by a pile of gifts and a lap top set-up that looks like it could be used for a DJ set

Clustered with others, Alex Rodriguez stands beside a stack of presents and a laptop arrangement that appears to be ready for a DJ performance.

Party time: An array of balloons were seen tied to a gate as guests drove by to say happy birthday

It was party time, with a colorful display of balloons adorning the gate as guests arrived to wish a happy birthday.

Lining up: Friends of the birthday girl were seen poking their heads through sunroofs to shout happy birthday

Waiting in line: The birthday girl’s friends were spotted popping out of sunroofs to cheer and wish her a happy birthday.

Coming together: It appears Jen and Cynthia have a friendly relationship as they walked alongside each other at the bash

Getting along: Jen and Cynthia seem to have a good rapport as they strolled together at the party.

Cute: Jen's daughter Emme also looked to be enjoying time with birthday girl Ella

Adorable: Jen’s daughter, Emme, seemed to be having a great time celebrating Ella’s birthday.

In 2018, news surfaced that a former Yankees player had put in a request to lower his child support payments since his hefty $30 million annual salary was no longer coming in. Alex proposed to contribute $20,000 monthly for his daughters, but Cynthia was said to be pushing for a higher amount closer to $50,000. The funds were intended for their school fees, considering their overall monthly expenses fell between $7,000 and $12,000.

Keeping a distance? Alex and Jen have been urging fans to stay home during the current pandemic

Staying safe? Alex and Jen have been reminding their followers to stay indoors during the ongoing pandemic.
All good: Jen was spotted hitting up a fancy gym in Miami to get her workout in recently.

Reuniting: Alex, fiancée Jen and his ex-wife Cynthia all gathered to celebrate his and Scurtis¿ 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, graduating from middle school last May alongside Jen's twins, Max and Emme.

Coming together for a special occasion, Alex, his fiancée Jen, and his ex-wife Cynthia joined forces to celebrate their 15-year-old daughter Natasha’s graduation from middle school last May, alongside Jen’s twins, Max and Emme.

During a recent interview with the New York Post, Cynthia opened up about the changes in her relationship with Alex, saying, “I’ve noticed a shift, but I’m not exactly sure what caused it.” Despite their divorce, Alex has been involved with some great women who have formed good bonds with their daughters. Cynthia mentioned that they have both worked together to ensure a stable environment for their children, and there hasn’t been any issues up until now. But looking at these pictures, it appears that Alex and his ex-wife may have reached a mutual understanding.

Taking it in her stride: J-Lo appears to be finding ways to enjoy herself despite being on lockdown

Embracing the situation: J-Lo seems to be making the most of her time in quarantine by finding ways to have fun and keep herself entertained.

Mulling things over: The engaged couple are yet to announce a date for their wedding

Still contemplating: The couple who is planning to get married has not yet revealed a wedding date.

Sporty: The singer was dressed the part to indulge in some light activity

Active: The musician was geared up and ready to enjoy some casual exercise.

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