“Sun-kissed and carefree: Katy Perry showcases her curves in a chic white bikini aboard a luxurious Italian yacht”

Katy Perry has been enjoying her vacation on the stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy. Even though she has been regularly posting pictures and stories on social media, she wanted to emphasize once more that she is taking a break. The 32-year-old singer donned a stylish white bikini, a sun hat, and sunglasses while showing off her dance skills on a luxurious yacht bathed in sunlight. Watch the video below for more glimpses of her vacation fun!

'I am on vacation!' Katy Perry flaunts her frame in a bikini and dances around the sun-drenched deck of a plush-looking boat... as she reminds her fans she's still on a trip to Italy

“I’m currently enjoying my vacation!” Katy Perry shows off her bikini-clad figure as she dances on the sun-soaked deck of a luxurious boat… all while updating her fans that she is still exploring Italy.

With the heat rising, Katy, who finally took a break after a busy schedule promoting her new album Witness, seemed to be having a great time as she danced to the music and enjoyed the moment. The video also showed glimpses of the local area, like a close-up of a glowing crucifix in an old church, a woman playfully juggling fruit, and some locals having a blast in the sunny Mediterranean weather. Katy’s vacation coincides with her latest single Bon Appétit, where she cheekily sings about being ‘spread like a buffet’, prompting discussions about how her parents react to the risqué lyrics in her songs.

Living the dream: Katy Perry is still enjoying her summer getaway in southern Italy, basking in the endless good times under the sun.

Dip it low: The American singer, 32, threw on a white bikini, a matching sun hat and a pair of shades as she worked her best dance moves on a decadent-looking sun-drenched yacht 

Getting low: The 32-year-old American artist donned a white bikini, a matching sun hat, and sunglasses as she showed off her best dance moves on a luxurious sun-soaked yacht.
During a candid conversation on an Australian radio station Nova in June, the singer discussed how her devoutly Christian parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, reacted to the new dance track.
She explained, “It’s an interesting dynamic because we may not always see eye to eye, but we still maintain a loving and respectful relationship.”
“We all come from different backgrounds… you are free to hold onto your beliefs while also embracing a loving attitude… and that’s what my family and I practice,” she added.
After dropping her latest album on June 9, the talented artist is now gearing up for a global tour to showcase her music to fans across the world.

Good times: Katy is taking a well-earned break following back to back promotional commitments on behalf of new album Witness

Good times: Katy is taking a well-earned break following back to back promotional commitments on behalf of new album Witness

Enjoyable Moments: Katy is currently enjoying some time off after continuously working on promoting her latest album Witness.

Sing it sister: Despite sharing a constant stream of snaps and Insta-stories to her social media followers while she's been away, Katy felt she should remind everyone once again that she 'is on vacation'

Katy, while keeping her social media followers updated with snaps and Insta-stories during her time away, wanted to emphasize once more that she’s currently on a much-deserved vacation. She is set to embark on a tour across Canada and the US from September to May 2018, before heading back to Europe to continue her tour there. Her album Witness has dominated the US charts and also made its way to the top 10 in Britain.

Katy was in a snap-happy mood, capturing moments on her phone as she prepared to go out later that night.

Looking good:Katy also was spotted in a palm-tree print two piece and a sunhat for the outing

Katy was seen wearing a palm tree print bikini along with a stylish sunhat during the day out.

Pleased to see you:: The star posed for a sultry selfie while sitting in a comfortable nook 

Glad to have you here: The celebrity snapped a seductive self-portrait from the cozy corner she was lounging in.
Great scenery: Katy soaked in the breathtaking sight of the lush southern Italian landscape from the vantage point of her balcony.

Looking good: The singer  shared another selfie from her favourite nook with followers on social media 

Feeling fresh: The artist posted a new self-portrait from her beloved corner for all her fans to see on social platforms.

Personal thoughts: Katy also appeared to show a lyric sheet, scrawled with her own handwriting

My personal take on it is that Katy was seen displaying a sheet of song lyrics, written in her own handwriting.

Adventure: The star has documented almost every moment from her current stay in Italy 

Travel: The celebrity has been capturing and sharing all her experiences during her trip to Italy.

On the water: Katy found time to explore some of the caves dotted across the southern Italian coastline

On the water: Katy found time to explore some of the caves dotted across the southern Italian coastline

While out on the water, Katy took the opportunity to venture into several caves scattered along the southern coast of Italy.

Here's to me: In one snap she raises a glass while looking out at the breathtaking view 

Cheers to myself: With one quick motion, she lifts her glass as she gazes at the stunning scenery before her.

Don't mind me: In another star shared a snap of her lunch table, artfully laid out on a picturesque secluded beach

Don’t worry about it: On a different occasion, a celebrity posted a photo of her lunch spread, beautifully set up on a serene and private beach.

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