Unintended Mishap: Katy Perry’s Wardrobe Malfunction on American Idol Revealed in Behind-the-Scenes Clip as She Rushes to Repair Designer Top for a Primetime Audience

Katy Perry experienced the magic of music on the recent American Idol episode when she joked that a performance had nearly caused her top to break. The talented singer looked stunning in a unique silver top designed by Kate Barton for the elimination round of the competition. However, just before Roman Collins’ high-stakes performance of James Brown’s classic hit, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” the unconventional top experienced a wardrobe malfunction. A behind-the-scenes clip posted on Instagram captured wardrobe assistants scrambling to mend the piece as Katy amusingly exclaimed, “I need my top to stay put!”

Katy Perry felt the full power of music on Monday night's episode of American Idol , joking that a performance had made her top break

Katy Perry was deeply moved by the music during the latest episode of American Idol on Monday night. She even joked that a particular performance was so powerful that it made her heart skip a beat.

The Roar singer wowed in a structural silver top from designer Kate Barton for the latest elimination episode of the singing contest

The singer known for her hit song Roar made a stunning appearance in a sleek silver top designed by Kate Barton on the latest episode of the singing competition show. “If this isn’t fixed, this show will definitely get more excitement than it bargained for,” she jokingly remarked. Her fellow judge Luke Bryan even lent a hand with a pair of pliers, playfully declaring, “I’m diving in!” Luke and the third judge, Lionel Richie, could be heard shouting, “We’re going to get those ratings up!”

Offering her critique after a standout performance, Katy shocked host Ryan Seacrest by exclaiming, “That song literally broke my top! Looks like it’s a woman’s world after all.” She quickly hid under the desk to conceal the wardrobe malfunction, while mentioning, “We’ve got a family audience here.”

Luke praised contestant Roman’s powerful performance, stating, “You have the ability to really get the audience going, literally blowing the roof off… or a top!” Katy playfully responded, clutching a cushion to secure her outfit.

The intense episode involved America voting for their favorite contestants to determine the Top 14. While the top 10 with the most public votes advanced automatically, the rest entered the “danger zone” to compete for the final four positions chosen by the panel of judges.

When she’s not appearing on Idol, Katy has been busy working on her upcoming sixth studio album. Her latest record, Smile, was released in 2020.

A behind the scenes video shared on Instagram showed wardrobe assistants frantically trying to fix the piece as Katy told the camera 'I need my top to stay on'

On Instagram, a sneak peek video captured the chaotic scene backstage as wardrobe assistants rushed to address a wardrobe malfunction. Katy can be heard on camera urgently requesting for her top to be secured in place.

'If it's not fixed this show is gonna get more than it wanted,' she added. Fellow judge Luke Bryan even helped out with a pair of pliers, joking 'I'm going in!'

“If we don’t sort this out soon, this show is going to have more drama than it bargained for,” she remarked. Luke Bryan, another judge, also pitched in with a joking remark, “I’ll just grab some pliers and dive in!”

Giving her feedback on the powerful performance Katy later declared to a shocked Ryan Seacrest: 'That song broke my top off! I guess it is a woman's world'

After watching an impressive performance, Katy shockingly told Ryan Seacrest that the song was so powerful, it “broke my top off! I guess it really is a woman’s world.” She dropped a subtle hint about her upcoming album during the 10th Annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony in LA by carrying a see-through purse with a lip gloss labeled ‘KP6 Top Secret’. Katy appeared on Good Morning America on Friday, reflecting on her journey to stardom and the challenges she had overcome, saying, “It feels like just yesterday for me.”

She promptly sank beneath the desk to try and hide the wardrobe malfunction as she added 'it's a family show'

Quickly, she ducked below the desk to conceal the wardrobe mishap, casually mentioning, “It’s a show meant for all ages.”

'You have the ability to blow the roof off of a place,' Luke told Roman. 'Or a top!' Katy quipped

Luke complimented Roman by saying he has the potential to liven up any place he goes to, while Katy jokingly added that he could even blow the top off. Katy shared her own personal struggles, including having cars taken away, being signed and dropped multiple times, and even couch surfing. She expressed how deeply she feels the passion of young artists who go through similar experiences. As a former American Idol judge, Katy noted the same level of passion in the contestants she sees on the show and feels privileged to be part of their journey. Reflecting on her own experiences on the competition series, Katy expressed a strong connection to the American audience and a desire to continue performing, touring, and sharing her music with her daughter.

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