“From Stray to Loved: One Cat’s Journey of Redemption and Transformation”

A wandering cat was discovered outside and encountered individuals who refused to give up on him, ultimately transforming his life for the better.

Appa, now known as Sir Lewis, was spotted by Radia and her mother as they were heading back home. He was a bedraggled cat, soaked from the rain and looking cold, not far from their house.

Radia immediately went to check on the frightened feline while her mother hurried to grab a carrier. Appa sought shelter under a nearby vehicle, but with gentle coaxing and tasty treats, he eventually came out of hiding, too hungry to resist the temptation of food.

On a rainy day, a cat was discovered outdoors and brought to a local vet for assessment. Fortunately, the furry feline had crossed paths with the perfect rescue organization at just the right moment. Radia, along with her mother and sister Zahraa, operate Sheeta and Co, a volunteer-run animal rescue in Kuwait dedicated to assisting stray animals in need.

Sheeta and Co
A cat named Appa was taken in for treatment for an eye infection and ear mites. Despite efforts, no microchip was found, and no one came forward to claim him.
“His fur was oily, and he appeared unkempt. He seemed anxious, likely from his time on the streets. Unfortunately, no one showed up to take him home. It’s a common occurrence here in Kuwait, where pet abandonment is a big problem,” Zahraa told Love Meow.

Jen shared on her Instagram handle, pokeypotpie, that the family welcomed Appa warmly into their home. Upon his arrival, Appa appeared reserved, often closing his eyes and refraining from grooming or playing. Despite his initial lethargy, he was responsive to affection, enjoying pets and purring contentedly when given attention.

Jen @pokeypotpie shared that Appa appeared weary after his time on the streets. “We did everything we could to lift his spirits – from gentle massages to a special comb that he loved.” With a safe environment, comfort, and lots of love, he began to open up to seeking affection from humans.

Jen, also known as @pokeypotpie, is a volunteer with Sheeta and Co, a group that partners with rescue organizations in the US to find loving homes for cats in need, like Appa. City Kitties DC stepped in to help and Jen opened her home to foster Appa.

Appa, who traveled across the ocean with another cat named Harvey, quickly settled into his new surroundings thanks to the playful energy of his new friend. With his inner-kitten shining through, Appa was soon ready to find his forever home.

Upon seeing a post about Appa, Alyson was immediately smitten with the lovable pup.
“I tracked his journey all the way from Kuwait to DC, and as soon as he was available for adoption, I wasted no time in applying to bring him home,” Alyson excitedly told Love Meow.

After meeting him, Alyson felt an instant connection and knew that it was true love. It only took a minute for Appa to warm up to Alyson, purring softly as she affectionately pet his cheeks. A week later, he officially became Sir Lewis and settled into his new home with Alyson and her fiance, quickly establishing himself as the ruler of his new kingdom.

Sir Lewis enjoys being around people and always wants to be close to them. He purrs loudly when he is petted and loves to flop down on the floor to receive affection. When he takes a nap, he likes to snuggle up next to his humans and make sure he is always touching them with his paw.

In addition to napping, Sir Lewis loves receiving cheek scratches, playing makeshift soccer with a tennis ball, and “assisting” in the office by claiming the big chair or sprawling out on a laptop. He’s a pro at luring you in with his belly trap move as well.

Every morning, Alyson is greeted by the grumpy meow of Sir Lewis, who is eager for his breakfast to be served right away. She loves to see his playful and sweet personality shine through as he loves to play and chase after toys. Sir Lewis is definitely not shy about letting Alyson know when he is hungry and ready to eat.

Alyson expressed, “Despite facing some health challenges, we are happy to provide him with the love and support he deserves.” Thanks to the efforts of rescuers and a dedicated team of volunteers, Sir Lewis is now enjoying a wonderful life with the family he has always dreamed of.

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