The Mysterious Tale of Bam, the Kitten with a perpetually Gloomy Demeanor

Introducing Bum, a beloved character in the game with the charming nickname of “Worried Eyes.” This adorable cross-eyed tabby was rescued as a tiny four-week-old kitten and instantly captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter. However, fret not, as Bum’s days of longing for a forever home are over!

According to the San Diego Humane Society, Bum may seem a bit cautious around unfamiliar faces, but once he warms up to you, he becomes an affectionate and cuddly companion. He’s truly a love bug at heart!

“He finds great pleasure in receiving warm embraces as the morning sunlight gently peeks through the curtains, while finding solace beneath the cozy layers of blankets!” Moreover, his deep affection extends to fellow feline companions, especially tiny kittens, where he has actively contributed towards the nurturing and upbringing of numerous foster kittens. Additionally, he dedicates precious moments to comforting and supporting sick cats during their journey of recovery.” Can anyone resist falling for such an irresistibly charming countenance?

Gorgeous peepers!

The Ruler of the Crate!

He boasts a delightful little freckle nestled on his nose.

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