“Oh My, 18 Already? Fans Playfully Criticize Kevin Hart for Sharing Adorable Throwback Photos of His Daughter Torrie, Now a Grown-up”

Comedian Kevin Hart took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter Heaven’s 18th birthday by posting a heartwarming throwback picture.

On Thursday, March 23rd, the comedian delighted his fans by sharing a nostalgic photo of his daughter when she was a young girl. In the picture, she had a big smile on her face, proudly displaying her missing front teeth. Kevin Hart, in awe of how quickly time has flown by, captioned the post with heartfelt words of love and pride for his now 18-year-old daughter. The comedian’s fans couldn’t help but reminisce about Hart’s early comedy shows, where he often made jokes about his family and children. One fan even chuckled and shared a hilarious memory of when Hart’s daughter kicked her friend off the bed, simply because “someone had to go.”

Another fan expressed the same sentiment and commented, “Wow, ‘Somebody had to go’ is growing up so quickly!”

Some fans raised concerns about the photo Hart selected for his birthday post. One fan commented, “Out of all the pictures, you chose the one where she has no front teeth!” Another fan wrote, “Why would you embarrass the girl by showing her front teeth like that? Happy birthday, though.”

On the other hand, one fan absolutely loved the photo Hart chose. They said, “Wishing a very happy birthday to your first and forever princess. You truly picked a wonderful picture that captures her innocence and beautiful smile.”

Kevin Hart’s daughter, Heaven, looks absolutely stunning!pic.twitter.com/ukonroRLcD

In a previous interview with People magazine, Hart revealed that his daughter, Heaven, never fails to bring laughter into his life with her sense of humor. He described how she often texts and calls him with playful nicknames like ‘G’ and ‘Old raggedy back Jack’ whenever he hurts his back. It’s these amusing moments shared with his daughter that always manage to put a smile on his face.

Hart and Torrei Hart, his former spouse, enjoy a harmonious coexistence in Heaven. They have a delightful teenage son named Hendrix. In addition, Hart is a proud father to two adorable youngsters, Kenzo (5) and Kaori (2), whom he shares with his loving wife, Eniko Hart. This information was retrieved from atlantablackstar.com.

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