The Journey of a One-Eyed, One-Nostril Cat to Finding his Forever Home

When Eggbert’s photo appeared on the adoption list at the shelter, he didn’t stay there for long – just a quick day before a wonderful family welcomed him with open arms. Eggbert’s charm and charisma truly shine through in his photos, making it no surprise that he captured the hearts of his new family.

What sets Eggbert apart even more is his unique appearance. He’s a stylish tabby cat who was born with one less eye and nostril, but you wouldn’t even notice it when you see him happily frolicking around. The Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, is thrilled to share that Eggbert is now thriving in his forever home.

The incredible journey of a special cat finding his forever home.

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society
Eggbert didn’t have to wait long to find a forever home, and it’s not just because he’s cute. Described as an “absolute angel of a kitty” on the shelter’s Facebook page, Eggbert’s charm lies in his resilient spirit. Despite being born with a missing eye and nostril, he doesn’t let it hold him back – except maybe for his snoring, which can rival a chainsaw!

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society

This adorable feline from Ohio may have lost an eye and a nostril, but his resilient spirit shines through!

According to the shelter, Eggbert is a sweetheart who enjoys headbutts, chin scratches, and tagging along like a loyal companion. Although he dealt with occasional seizures in the past, since being under their care, he has been seizure-free. The shelter assures that they will continue to provide him with the necessary treatment for epilepsy, if required.

Let’s find Eggbert his forever home!

Credit goes to the Fairfield Area Humane Society for finding Eggbert a new family. Holly Starr came across Eggbert on Facebook and instantly fell in love. She believed Eggbert would be a perfect addition to her family, especially since her other cat, Lark, was also a rescue from the same shelter. The next morning, Holly contacted the shelter, set up a meet-and-greet with Eggbert, and in no time, he found his forever home. The shelter happily shared the news: “Looks like Eggbert is a real charmer! Update: Eggbert has found his forever family!”

The Fairfield Area Humane Society helped Eggbert find not just a new place to live, but also a new buddy. According to Holly, she has a soft spot for animals with unique needs and wants to ensure they find a caring home filled with all the love and care they deserve.

The Fairfield Area Humane Society is thrilled to announce that Eggbert has found his forever home! Eggbert, a superstar in the shelter, is now in the hands of his new loving family. They already have another furry FAHS alumni at home, so we know Eggbert is going to be well taken care of. He is bound to be showered with love and affection. When considering adding a cat to your family, remember to consider adopting a special one like Eggbert – they have so much love to give!

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