“Bennifer Bliss: Jennifer Lopez Captures Balcony Selfies as Ben Affleck Relaxes in Their Miami Love Nest”

They have been enjoying their revived relationship with travels across different states. Recently, Ben Affleck made a trip to the East Coast to spend some private moments with Jennifer Lopez near her residence in South Florida. Despite being together, they also gave each other space, as J Lo, aged 51, was spotted taking some solitary moments on the balcony of her temporary home while capturing selfies.

Strike a pose: Leggy Jennifer Lopez snapped selfies on the balcony while boyfriend Ben Affleck chilled out in her rented house on Sunday

Jennifer Lopez showed off her style with some balcony selfies, while her boyfriend Ben Affleck relaxed in her rented home on Sunday. Looking stunning in a light blue smock dress that accentuated her long legs, the singer seemed comfortable and happy as she strolled around the house, with Ben not far behind.

Nothing phony: Ben flew to the East Coast to be by Jennifer's side for some one-on-one time near her home in South Florida on Sunday

No fake stuff here: Ben hopped on a plane to the East Coast to spend some quality time with Jennifer near her South Florida home on Sunday.

Stunning: Proving she's always picture perfect, the singer looked sensational in a baby blue smock dress hitched up to show off her perfect pins

Absolutely breathtaking: Demonstrating her ever-lasting beauty, the singer appeared absolutely fabulous in a light blue smock dress pulled up to highlight her flawless legs. Fans were taken aback by the revival of the couple’s romance, reigniting nearly two decades after their broken engagement. On their romantic getaway, Ben opted for his usual grey jeans paired with a stylish navy blue bomber jacket, making the effort to fly across the country to reunite with his beloved once again. Prioritizing safety first, he made sure to shield himself from COVID-19 by wearing a protective face mask throughout his journey.

Let's get loud: Ben touched down at the airport in Miami and was later spotted at her rental house as their relationship heats up again nearly 17 years after their failed engagement

Time to turn up the volume: Ben arrived at the Miami airport and was then seen at their rented house as their romance rekindled almost two decades after their broken engagement.

Traveler: Ben sported his classic grey jeans with a navy blue bomber jacket combo as he flew to the other side of the country to be with his on-again lady love

Dressed down: He wore a few layers including a dark grey T-shirt and blue flannel

Wanderer: Ben rocked his timeless grey jeans paired with a navy blue bomber jacket as he jetted off to the opposite coast to reunite with his on-again romance.

Safety first: He stayed safe in the air and on the ground, and made sure to protect himself from COVID-19 by wearing a face mask

Prioritizing safety: He took precautions both in the sky and on the ground, ensuring his protection by consistently wearing a face mask to guard against COVID-19.

Meanwhile, newly single A.Rod was seen landing in Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday

Meanwhile, A.Rod was spotted arriving in Hartford, Connecticut over the weekend. Jennifer officially ended her relationship with former New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez just a month ago, following a four-year romance and a two-year engagement.

According to a source, Jennifer recently returned to Los Angeles to spend more time with Ben, with whom she has reunited. The source mentioned that Jennifer and Ben have been in touch daily since their trip to Montana, and despite the long distance between them, they both appear to be dedicated to making their relationship work.

So happy together: Once at Lopez's breezy, water-front compound, Jennifer appeared to be in great spirits upon seeing her beau again

Ecstaticly united: When Jennifer arrived at Lopez’s serene seaside retreat, her face lit up with joy at the sight of her partner once more.

Gone Girl: Jennifer rocked a flowing blue dress with ribbons tied across her shoulders

In Gone Girl, Jennifer stunned in a graceful blue dress adorned with ribbons elegantly draped over her shoulders.

Just a drag: Ben made his way to the top floor balcony and smoked a cigarette

Just taking a break: Ben climbed up to the balcony on the top floor, enjoying a cigarette as he relaxed for a moment.

Whatever it takes: A source told PEOPLE last week that Jennifer had returned to LA to spend more time with Ben, reuniting once again earlier this week

'Jennifer was just in Los Angeles for a couple of days,' a source told the publication. 'She spent time with Ben. They have kept in touch every day since their Montana trip'

No matter what it takes: According to a recent report from PEOPLE, Jennifer was back in Los Angeles to reunite with Ben earlier this week, eager to spend more quality time together.

Fresh air: Ben enjoyed every puff of his cigarette as he contemplated the day outside

Ben savored each drag of his cigarette while he thought about the day ahead in the fresh air. Despite rumors of a reunion, the source mentioned that the singer of “Waiting For Tonight” is content with the idea. “Jennifer is in good spirits. She appears to be joyful and optimistic about what lies ahead,” the source revealed.

The insider shared with Us Weekly that they are taking things as they come and working on plans to meet up frequently. However, there are still some matters to discuss before they make their relationship public. “Ben suggested they visit Montana, a place he adores, and they had a lovely time simply snuggling and enjoying one another’s company without any pressure.”

Let the light in: Jennifer was seen opening the floor-to-ceiling windows on the upstairs balcony

Allow the sunshine to flood in: Jennifer was spotted flinging open the tall windows on the second-floor balcony.

Sunday funday: The pair went back inside of the massive home after reuniting following a few days apart

Lazy Sunday: The couple headed back into their spacious home after spending a few days apart. Ben and Jen’s love story began back in 2002 on the set of Gigli. Despite getting engaged and planning a wedding in 2003, they called it off and broke up in early 2004.
A source revealed that they have rekindled their intense romance but are taking things slow this time around. They are not rushing into labeling their relationship or adding pressure. If things continue to progress romantically, they may go public on Instagram or make a public appearance together at a restaurant in a month or two.

'Right now they're going with the flow and making plans to meet up as often as possible, but there's still some discussing to do before they officially go public,' an insider told Us Weekly

According to a source close to the couple, they are currently enjoying their time together and are working on their schedules to meet up as much as they can. However, they still have some details to iron out before they make their relationship public.

A source told PEOPLE last week that Jennifer had returned to LA to spend more time with Ben, reuniting once again earlier this week. 'Jennifer was just in Los Angeles for a couple of days,' a source told the publication. 'She spent time with Ben. They have kept in touch every day since their Montana trip.' The source went on to claim the pair are navigating a long-distance relationship, saying: 'It's a tricky situation since they live so far from each other, but they both seem committed to making things work.'

Jennifer Lopez takes a quick peek at her phone while relaxing on the balcony of her Miami beach rental.

Smoke break: Ben Affleck rocked a black shirt and pants while smoking a cigarette on the balcony

Taking a quick smoke break, Ben Affleck was spotted wearing a sleek black ensemble as he enjoyed a cigarette out on the balcony.

Leggy: JLo shows some leg in a flowing baby blue dress while hanging out on the balcony

Legs for days: Jennifer Lopez flaunts her toned legs in a chic baby blue gown as she relaxes on the balcony.

First relationship: Ben and Jen first started dating in 2002 after meeting on set of Gigli

Their romance began in 2002 when Ben and Jen crossed paths on the set of Gigli and decided to give dating a shot.

Engagement: They soon became engaged and were set to get married in September 2003, but postponed their wedding and eventually broke up in January 2004

They quickly got engaged and planned to tie the knot in September 2003, but ended up postponing their wedding and sadly called it off in January 2004.

Fallen: 'It's very clear they've fallen for each other again in a very intense way, but they don't want to jinx anything by attaching labels or putting themselves under too much pressure,' the source added

According to the source, it’s evident that they have rekindled their strong feelings for each other, but they are hesitant to define their relationship or create unnecessary stress by adding labels.

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