Tenderhearted Tom: A Male Cat’s Loving Care for His Foster Kittens Embraces the Power of Parental Instincts

Tracy Toll didn’t worry about blending four foster kittens into her household with two dogs, Flash and Tasha, and her cat Morgan, when she took them in recently. However, she did fret about how they would get along with Apollo, her newly adopted male cat.

Toll, a volunteer at the Ontario SPCA (OSPCA), shared with The Dodo, “Apollo is 5 years old and has recently been neutered.” “Since he’s a male cat, I was worried he might show some aggressive behavior.”
Toll’s worries were valid as unneutered male cats can sometimes exhibit aggressive tendencies, but neutering usually helps reduce these behaviors. Toll was just anxious that the effects of the surgery wouldn’t kick in fast enough for Apollo.

Toll shared that Apollo was brought to the OSPCA by his previous owner, who had clearly neglected him. His fur was severely matted, almost resembling a turtle shell, and he needed a fresh start with a shave.

Toll couldn’t resist Apollo’s sweet nature while volunteering at the shelter and ended up adopting him. Apollo quickly bonded with Toll’s other pets, including a cat and two dogs. Toll was a bit curious how he would handle being around energetic kittens, though.

When Toll brought the kittens home to look after them for a while, she thought it would be best to keep them in her daughter’s room during their stay.
But Toll’s assumptions about Apollo couldn’t have been more off base.
“I told my daughter to watch out for Apollo when she opened her door, but it turned out he was completely chill,” Toll remembered. “The kittens darted out, and Apollo just stared at them and sniffed them without any hissing or growling.”

Toll stated that Apollo took on the role of “Mr. Mom” right away.
“When it was time to eat, he would come into the room and I noticed he would lay down on the bed, allowing the kittens to cuddle up to him,” Toll explained.

The four kittens, Teddy, Axel, Kai, and Levi, were getting cozy on top of Apollo, the cat. “He would groom them all over,” Toll explained, “and then one day, my son shared a video with me of Apollo allowing a kitten to nurse from him.”

Apollo found great pleasure in interacting with the kittens when he wasn’t busy grooming or cuddling with them. One person mentioned, “They would have a blast together on the cat tree.” “Apollo would just relax and observe, while the kittens would be darting around excitedly on the cat tree and even on him.”

Apollo would always be there to intervene whenever things got too rowdy. Toll explained that if two kittens were playing too rough and one of them yelped in pain, Apollo would immediately go and make sure they were okay, just like a loving mother looking out for her children.

Toll expressed her sympathy for Apollo as she had to take the kittens back to the shelter to be adopted into their forever homes. “It was really hard to say goodbye,” she said, noting how protective Apollo had been of them throughout their time together.

Source: petvision.tv

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