Katy Perry Brings Superhero Vibes as Elastigirl for ‘American Idol”s Disney Night on Mother’s Day

Katy Perry, the pop star behind hits like “Teenage Dream,” shared with PEOPLE her plans for Mother’s Day, which involve spending time with her daughter Daisy, her fiancé Orlando Bloom, and his son Flynn.

Katy Perry showcased her super mom skills on Sunday night as she rocked the American Idol stage dressed as Elastigirl from The Incredibles for the annual Disney night episode. In a post-show interview with PEOPLE, Perry explained why she chose this superhero costume, praising Elastigirl for her ability to effortlessly handle multiple roles and responsibilities. Just like the character, Perry also juggles various tasks in her career, making the connection between them even more meaningful.

“It was quite a funny day for me, I can’t believe how different my morning was from what followed. I had a show on Friday and another on Saturday, getting back from Las Vegas at 2 a.m. After a relaxing brunch in my pajamas surrounded by framed pictures and flowers, I spent quality time with my daughter, Orlando, his son, and some other family members,” shared the singer of the hit song “Dark Horse”.

“In my comfortable pajamas, basking in all the love that comes with being a mom, I then transformed into a whole latex suit and headed out, switching from one role to another. Such a wild day! Daisy Dove, my daughter, means everything to me. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there,” Perry expressed, dedicating the day to her fiancé Orlando Bloom and her mom.

Reflecting on the recent performances in a Disney-themed episode, Perry shared her thoughts on the top three contestants. “The competition is tough, and all three finalists bring something unique to the stage. Megan Danielle has truly blossomed, exuding confidence in her performances. Iam Tongi has a magnetic presence, a certain magic that captivates the audience. It’s that ‘it’ factor you can’t quite put into words, he was born to perform.” The singer mused on the incredible talent displayed by the contestants and the electric energy they bring to the competition.

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