Sailing in Style: Jennifer Lopez Shines in Crochet Swimsuit on Yacht Getaway with Alex Rodriguez in French Riviera… amidst Rumors of Infidelity

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez confirmed that their relationship is still going strong as they embarked on a lovely getaway to Antibes recently. The duo seemed happy as they soaked up the sun on a luxurious yacht and then went for lunch. JLo, who is 47 years old, looked stunning in a stylish cream crochet swimsuit, flaunting her toned figure.

Wow factor: Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely fantastic while enjoying a romantic trip with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez in Antibes

Jennifer Lopez stunned onlookers with her stunning appearance as she savored a romantic getaway with beau Alex Rodriguez in Antibes.

She's still got it: The 47-year-old actress flaunted her famous assets in a cream crochet one-piece

She’s still rocking it: The 47-year-old star showed off her well-known curves in a stylish cream crochet swimsuit.

Going swimmingly: As there have been many rumors about her relationship with the 41-year-old former baseball player, they proved that they are still very much together

Going well in the water: Despite numerous rumors circulating about her relationship with the 41-year-old ex-baseball player, the couple showed that they are still happily together. After applying sunscreen to her bronzed skin, the mother of two posed for photos while sitting on the deck railing. She had her brown hair pulled up in a ponytail and wore trendy aviator sunglasses. When it was time to return to dry land, Lopez changed into a cute outfit featuring shorts and a crop top.

Stunning: J-Lo was in incredible shape

Absolutely breathtaking: Jennifer Lopez was in phenomenal physical condition.

Proud: The mother-of-two posed for snaps while perching on the railing on the deck

Joyful: The mother of two smiled for photos as she sat on the railing of the deck.

Evergreen: The American Idol star sprayed herself with bronzer while catching rays

Evergreen: The American Idol star sprayed herself with bronzer while catching rays

Evergreen: The American Idol sensation applied some bronzer while soaking up the sun.

A sunlit spot: Jennifer had put on a pair of stylish aviator sunglasses for her maritime outing

Basking in the sun: Jennifer slipped on a trendy pair of aviator shades as she prepared to set sail on the water.

Curvaceous: J-lo showed off her pert derriere

Voluptuous: J-lo flaunted her shapely backside.

Getting along nicely: Jennifer tied up her air while her beau texted 

Jennifer put her hair up while her partner sent her a text, and they were having a good time together.

Moment of repose: A-Rod lay back on some cushions as his flame spritzed herself

Relaxing moment: A-Rod reclined on a pile of cushions while his partner sprayed herself with perfume.

A dash of glitz: Jennifer had popped on a pair of hoop earrings

A touch of glamour: Jennifer adorned herself with a set of large hoop earrings.

Background: J-Lo and A-Rod have been dating at least since March

Context: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been in a romantic relationship for at least a few months now, starting back in March.

History: He's previously been married and divorced once, she thrice

Background: He has been married and divorced once before, while she has been married and divorced three times.
The singer of the hit song “On The Floor” wore stylish wedge heels and added a touch of her signature style with hoop earrings.
A-Rod, aged 41, looked dapper in a blue shirt, white shorts, and crisp white sneakers.
Despite recent cheating rumors, the couple seems to be getting stronger and closer.
A woman named Lauren Hunter, who had a past relationship with A-Rod, alleged that he has already cheated on Lopez during their brief time together.

Buff: Alex showed off his impressive muscular physique 

Buff: Alex flaunted his strong and well-built body.

Enjoying the view? The former New York Yankees player peered off the deck 

Taking in the scenery, the ex-New York Yankees player gazed out from the balcony.

Just us: The two stars had the deck all to themselves 

Just the two of them: The couple had the whole deck to enjoy all by themselves.
Jumping in: A-Rod was spotted diving off the boat and into the water.

Off he goes! The baseball star sailed through the air on his way down to the waves

Away he went! The talented baseball player gracefully soared through the air, heading towards the crashing waves below.

Keeping up: The pair spent a bit of time lounging next to one another and checking their phones

Staying connected: The two of them relaxed together for a while, scrolling through their phones. In an interview with the National Enquirer, Hunter, aged 34, labeled Rodriguez as a habitual cheater who enjoys rough sexual encounters. However, a source quickly contradicted Lauren’s scandalous claims, suggesting that she was simply trying to extort money from the sportsman. According to the insider who spoke to Page Six, Alex had a brief romantic encounter with this woman years ago, but she began requesting money from him which he refused to give.

Queen of the world! J-Lo was spotted sitting on a rail with her arms raised

Queen of the world! J-Lo was spotted sitting on a rail with her arms raised

The global superstar, J-Lo, was seen perched on a railing, her arms lifted high in the air.

Fabulous figure: The Selena star's sculpted dancer's legs were on full display in her tiny swimsuit

Fantastic physique: Selena’s toned dancer’s legs were prominently showcased in her skimpy bathing suit.

Casual cool: Jennifer slipped into a white blouse and matching tiny shorts

Jennifer effortlessly put on a crisp white top and coordinating shorts for a laid-back and chic look.

Romantic: Alex wore a blue button-down and matched white shorts with his ladylove

Alex looked charming in his blue button-down shirt paired with white shorts, perfectly coordinated with his beloved.

Setting off! Their vessel for the day looked quite luxurious

Embarking on their journey, their boat for the day exuded luxury. According to a source from E!, it seems like J.Lo and A-Rod are taking their relationship to the next level by discussing marriage. J.Lo envisions a future with A-Rod and would say yes if he were to propose. The insider also believes that their families approve of their relationship and that they would make a wonderful married couple.

Lopez shares nine-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony, while Rodriguez has two daughters, Ella and Natasha, with his former wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

'Vacation vibes': Lopez shared a sizzling mirror selfie on Friday 

Feeling the vacation vibes: Lopez posted a stunning selfie in front of a mirror on Friday.

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