NS. Meeting Polly: The tale of a tiny kitten with enchanting fur, once lost but now living like a royal princess.

A stunningly marked kitten was discovered roaming outdoors. Two months later, her dream was realized with the addition of three more feline companions.

sweet kittens calico

Cloud and Polly, two of the kittens, were lucky to be taken in by Shelly, a dedicated animal rescuer with over a decade of experience. A concerned citizen reached out to Shelly when they discovered the kittens alone, with no mother in sight. Despite locating the mother cat, she displayed no maternal instincts towards her babies.

The kittens were in poor condition, with infected eyes and being underweight. Shelly immediately sprang into action, rushing to provide the necessary care for the smallest kitten before attending to the other two.

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The kittens were discovered alone outside, without their mother nearby. Shelly from 5 Star Strays, who already had 16 rescues to look after, couldn’t bear to leave them to fend for themselves. Despite being busy, she decided to bring them home, knowing that at three weeks old, they would soon be ready to start weaning. Shelly shared her story with Love Meow.

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Polly eagerly started drinking from the bottle right away, as mentioned by Shelly on her Twitter account @5_star_strays. She continued bottle-feeding Polly, Cloud, and Destiny for a few more weeks while slowly introducing them to mixed wet food. Despite Shelly’s dedicated efforts to save them all, Destiny, the smallest of the litter, unfortunately did not make it. However, Polly and Cloud quickly adapted to the bottle, eagerly drinking their fill at each feeding.

calico kitten beautiful markings

She transformed into a shoulder cat, a real beauty
Shelly @5_star_strays
Thanks to better care and a good appetite, Polly and Cloud began to recover. They regained their clear eyes, grew stronger, and became more energetic.
“I believe I rescued them just in time before any permanent harm was done.” The mother cat has been spayed, along with a few other cats in the neighborhood.

calico kitten beautiful markings

Shelly from 5 Star Strays describes Polly as a cat with gorgeous markings and a larger-than-life personality. The calico kitten’s unique fur patterns only became more vibrant and stunning as she grew older. Polly confidently roamed around, her tail held high, while her brother Cloud followed closely behind, taking in the surroundings with a curious gaze. Together, they mastered the skills of eating from a dish and using the litter box, learning and growing side by side.

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Cloud and Polly have come a long way in their growth and development, as noted by Shelly from @5_star_strays. They have been socializing with other foster cats in the house, and after some initial sniffing and getting to know each other, they have been happily playing together, fitting right in with the rest of the clowder.

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Polly and Milo, the dynamic duo from 5 Star Strays, bounced back from their rough start and transformed into lively young felines. Along the way, they struck up friendships with other foster kittens, who showed them the ropes and shared their wisdom.
As the time came to find a forever home for Polly and Milo, Shelly was taken aback when Donna, a familiar face who had adopted before, expressed interest in not just one but four kittens.

calico kitten beautiful markings

Shelly @5_star_strays shared that Donna instantly fell in love with Polly and Cloud, along with two of their foster buddies, and just had to keep them all together. Just a week ago, the adorable group found their forever home and were officially adopted.

stunning calico kitten cat

Shelly from @5_star_strays is thrilled to have found a home for four cats. She believes it’s a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. In just a week, the four furballs have adjusted well to their new surroundings, joining the other six cats in the house and happily frolicking around.

calico kittens forever home

Polly and Cloud were recently welcomed into their forever home along with their foster friends Shelly from @5_star_strays. They have quickly formed a special bond with their loving human mom and are getting along famously with their new feline siblings.

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