Meet Mose: The Hilariously Endearing Charcoal Bengal Feline

In this neighborhood, Bengal Cats are quite popular and it’s easy to see why. Their beauty, intelligence, and unique qualities are simply irresistible.

Let me introduce you to Mose, a charming Charcoal Bengal Cat who is four years old and has a special love for The Office, a popular American TV show starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson. Mose’s Instagram account is a delightful mix of stunning photos and clever captions that are sure to make you smile.

With his striking appearance, Mose is undoubtedly a handsome cat, and we highly recommend following his social media for plenty of entertainment. Be sure to check out our interview with Mose’s family to discover more about this incredible feline! Rest assured, Mose is living his best life.

This is Mose. He's a four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat living his best life.

The folks over at UC Davis have pointed out that Charcoal Bengals, those sweet little felines, rock a one-of-a-kind coat design that’s sure to turn heads. With their dark face mask and bold dorsal stripe, affectionately dubbed a “cape,” these Bengal beauties definitely stand out. This unique “charcoal” pattern is a result of a genetic mix from both domestic house cats, who carry the non-agouti gene, and Asian Leopard Cats, who sport the agouti gene.


We asked about how Mose ended up with his owners, and his mother shared that they met when a breeder offered her a “project Bengal” due to Mose’s wild upbringing as a kitten. It was Mose’s mesmerizing big green eyes that stole her heart, and the rest is now a cherished part of their shared history.

We asked Mose's humans how Mose came to live with them. His mom said:

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