“Kevin Hart’s Delightful FaceTime Moments with His Witty 22-Month-Old”

Kevin Hart looks back on his experiences with his own children and how he approaches parenting, all while championing an educational program aimed at assisting kids impacted by the pandemic.

Even though Kevin Hart entertains crowds of 20,000 people with his jokes, it’s his 22-month-old daughter who really tickles his funny bone. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Hart revealed a heartwarming story about his daughter Kaori Mai, who is still learning how to use FaceTime. “My daughter Ori always brings a smile to my face,” he said. “She’s starting to talk more now, but when she FaceTimes, she hasn’t quite figured out how to hold the phone properly. So, she ends up just walking around while talking.”

Although the youngest Hart struggles to keep her phone upright, she knows how to capture her dad’s undivided attention. Hart jokingly admits, “You have to stay on the call until she’s done talking.” He finds humor in her inability to focus on the phone but appreciates her enthusiasm for showing things, even though she’s not really showing anything.

In addition to Kaori, Hart has a 4-year-old son named Kenzo Kash with his wife Eniko Hart. He also has a daughter named Heaven, 17, and a son named Hendrix, 14, from a previous relationship with Torrei Hart.

Hart emphasizes the importance of being actively involved in his children’s lives. He believes that children learn by example and closely observes his actions. This hands-on approach extends to his charitable work, particularly his collaboration with The Children’s Place.

During the unveiling of a newly renovated learning space at the Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center in East Harlem, New York, Hart expressed his desire for the back-to-school program to motivate children who may lack essential resources and support in their lives.

“Every now and then, we all need a little push, that extra bit of motivation to know that there are people rooting for us, people who genuinely want to see us thrive and succeed. Lucky for my kids, they have a parent who is actively involved, always there for them, giving them that daily dose of support. Unfortunately, not all children have the same experience,” he explains.

“It’s all about showing up, being present, and creating a sense of hope that there are people out there who genuinely care, who want to see us succeed in life,” he continues.

According to a representative from The Children’s Place, their upcoming 2022 back-to-school campaign will introduce “a collection of 10 dedicated children’s reading spaces in underprivileged communities nationwide, offering fun and interactive learning environments.”

Building a strong community and fostering connections among kids is a vital part of education that has been sadly neglected, especially during the pandemic. With disadvantaged communities bearing the brunt of the impact and facing a shortage of spaces for group learning, Hart emphasizes the need for initiatives like The Children’s Place now more than ever.
“It’s not just about school,” he stresses. “We need to incorporate additional elements. What The Children’s Place is doing is like adding another layer to the tree of opportunities, broadening kids’ horizons. By offering books and essential tools, they are making a real difference.”

He adds, “I believe this is something that should be embraced by more individuals and organizations. Hopefully, other brands and companies will take note of what The Children’s Place is doing and follow suit.”

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