A Glimpse into the Life of the “Feline Dozen” Woman: A Story of Twelve Charming Persian Cats

If you think managing a household with three or more kids is chaotic, just wait until you meet Michelle, the amazing cat mom of 12 fluffy felines. Residing in Japan, Michelle lovingly cares for her 12 Persian cats without any assistance. Her Instagram page, 12 Cats Lady, is filled with heartwarming photos of her adorable fur babies.

It all began when Michelle rescued a lonely, cold kitten named Yuki from the roadside. Soon after, she decided to welcome two more Persian cats into her home. Little did she know, those nine other cats were actually siblings of Yuki! Rest assured, all of her feline family members have been spayed and neutered to prevent any surprise additions.

Each of her 12 cats is unique, with their own individual quirks and personalities. Michelle proudly embraces the title of “cat mom,” challenging the typical stereotypes associated with cat ladies. Check out the charming photos of her beloved cats below, and be sure to share the joy with your loved ones!

And if you’re wondering how she manages to capture all 12 cats looking at the camera, the secret is simple: a feather toy, their absolute favorite!

It’s important for individuals to have a good meal prior to their photo shoot.

…on two separate occasions

Another tip is to spoil them with their beloved snacks as well.

After that, their daily routine continues as normal – lounging on their owner’s bed for an afternoon nap.

Sometimes it’s okay to strike a pose.

Between photo shoots, we like to squeeze in a few games to pass the time.

Next, we have yet another hour set aside for relaxation.

Next, take a leisurely stroll through the garden. You never know, you might just catch a glimpse of a beautiful bird!

Once that’s done, it’s time to get back to the grind of creating models.

Afterwards, the cats browse through the comments left by their followers on Instagram. A few of them even tally up the total number of likes they’ve received!

Being a famous cat comes with its challenges, but there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your beloved owner.

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