Kevin Hart and His Boys Break It Down to Support the Philadelphia Eagles – Check Out Their Dance Moves!

The Hart family displayed their team loyalty by attending the Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys football game on Sunday.

Kevin Hart and his family are big supporters of the Philadelphia Eagles, as shown in a recent Instagram post during halftime of the game against the Dallas Cowboys. Rocking vintage Reggie White jerseys, Hart and his sons Hendrix, 16, and Kenzo, 6, busted out some epic dance moves to show their love for the team. The video, captioned with humor and hashtags, was in response to a fellow comedian’s Instagram post supporting the San Francisco 49ers.

The trio’s energy and enthusiasm for the Eagles were contagious, with Hart hyping up his sons as they showed off their dance skills. The video even made its way onto the Eagle’s Instagram page and may have brought some luck, as the team went on to win the game. Hart, a proud supporter of his hometown team, has always been vocal about his love for the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia. Being able to share these moments with his family and fans brings him immense joy and pride.

Hart has made sure to pass on his love for the Eagles to his sons and daughters Heaven, 19, and Kaori, 4. He fondly refers to his older son Hendrix as his “best friend” and had him stand by his side as the best man at his wedding to Eniko Hart in 2016. Kenzo, the first child from his second marriage, was born in November 2017. Hart shared the exciting news on social media, expressing his gratitude for the new addition to their family and the support from their loved ones.

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