Katy Perry Shines in Glittering Sequined Crop Top on Her Way to Jimmy Kimmel Live at the Heart of Hollywood

Katy Perry shimmered in a stunning sleeveless crop top adorned with sequins as she made her way into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Los Angeles for an interview. With her impeccable sense of style, the 38-year-old pop sensation exuded glamour, pairing the dazzling top with a chic animal print jacket and skirt. To complete her eye-catching ensemble, the Firework singer opted for above-the-knee black leather boots. Adding the perfect finishing touches, Katy donned stylish black sunglasses, elegant earrings, and accessorized with fashionable rings. Pulling her dark tresses back into a sleek low bun, she effortlessly showcased her radiant look.

Shining star: Katy Perry sparkled in a sequined, sleeveless crop top on Thursday while heading into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Los Angeles for an interview

Glittering celestial entity: Katy Perry radiated in a bedazzled, sleeveless midriff-baring top on Thursday as she made her way into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Los Angeles for a captivating interview.

Cute smile: Katy flashed her cute smile as she made her way into the studio

Katy greeted everyone with her adorable smile as she stepped into the studio. Turning a random alley into her very own runway, she confidently showcased her outfit to fans and photographers outside the Hollywood studio. In a playful mood, the Teenage Dream singer stuck her tongue out and playfully stretched her arms wide, making the camera lovers laugh. Adding more charm, she flashed the peace sign while entering the studio.

Excited fans gathered around, eager to catch a glimpse of Katy and show off their memorabilia. The California native was making an appearance on the ABC talk show to promote the upcoming 21st season of American Idol. Joining her on the show was Lionel Richie, a legendary singer and fellow judge on the ABC singing competition. Lionel opted for a laid-back yet stylish look, donning a white T-shirt, black sweatpants, and a dark striped coat. With glasses as his accessory, he raised his arms to acknowledge his fans, creating a delightful atmosphere.

Crop top: The 38-year-old pop superstar looked glamorous in the shiny top that showed her flat stomach

Tall boots: The Firework singer completed her look with above-the-knee black leather boots

Crop Top: The iconic pop diva, aged 38, positively radiated glamour in a resplendent cropped garment that tastefully showcased her beautifully toned midriff.

Tongue out: The California native stuck her tongue out while goofing around

Sticking her tongue out playfully, the Californian woman engaged in some lighthearted silliness.

Pop superstar: Katy accessorized with black sunglasses, earrings and rings

Famous pop sensation, Katy Perry, completed her look with stylish black shades, as well as a collection of chic earrings and rings to enhance her ensemble.

Arms wide: Katy spread her wings in a zebra print jacket

With arms stretched out wide, Katy proudly displayed her zebra-patterned jacket as if she were spreading her wings.

Personal runway: Katy turned a back alley into her personal runway as she modeled her outfit for fans and photographers outside the Hollywood studio

Cool shoes: The singer walked around in black leather boots with stiletto heels

Individual catwalk: Katy transformed an obscure side street into her very own catwalk, strutting her stuff for admirers and camerapersons amidst the buzzing atmosphere outside the prestigious Hollywood studio.

The much-awaited 21st season of American Idol is set to premiere on ABC this Sunday, with the ever-charming Ryan Seacrest taking up his role as the host once again. Luke Bryan will also be returning as a judge, bringing his expertise to the table.

Katy Perry, the globally recognized pop star, joined the American Idol family during its sixteenth season back in 2018, right after the show’s transition from Fox to ABC.

In her personal life, Katy has been happily engaged since February 2019 to Orlando Bloom, the talented English actor. Together, they share a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Daisy, who undoubtedly brings immense joy to their lives.

Recently, Katy took the time to honor and express her appreciation for Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom’s former wife and the mother of his eldest child, Flynn, who is now twelve. Following their attendance together at the 20th annual G’Day USA Arts Gala in Los Angeles earlier this year, Katy shared heartwarming pictures and videos with Miranda on her social media platforms. In her posts, she lovingly referred to Miranda as her “sister from another mister” and her “favorite Aussie.” It’s evident that the two strong women have forged a genuine bond and have become an extended family.

Peace sign: Katy flashed the peace sign

Katy spontaneously threw up the peace sign.

Covered up: The pop star covered up in a zebra-print jacket

Flat abs: The singer had her flat abs on display

Disguised: The famous singer concealed himself in a stylish zebra-patterned coat.

Fan favorite: Fans clamored for Katy's attention

Beloved by fans: Devoted followers eagerly sought Katy’s attention

Hair up: Katy had her dark hair pulled back into a low bun

Hair up: Katy sported a chic low bun, effortlessly taming her luscious dark locks.

Seeking autographs: Fans lined up to seek Katy's autograph

Fans eagerly stood in a queue, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to procure Katy’s signature.

Legendary singer: Lionel Richie, 73, who also serves as a judge on American Idol, joined Katy at the ABC talk show

Renowned musician Lionel Richie, aged 73, who doubles as a judge on the popular TV show American Idol, made a delightful appearance alongside Katy Perry on the ABC talk show.

Arms up: The singer raised his arms as he acknowledged his fans

Up went the singer’s arms, a gesture that served as a humble acknowledgment to the adoring crowd.

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