JLo’s Unforgettable Music Video Debut: Tying the Knot with a Charming Doppelgänger of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has finally unveiled her highly-anticipated music video for her latest single, “Can’t Get Enough.” The mesmerizing video showcases the 54-year-old superstar in various wedding gowns, marrying multiple attractive men. This energetic track is part of her upcoming album, titled “This Is Me… Now,” which serves as a sequel to her successful 2002 album, “This Is Me… Then.”

Throughout the video, Jennifer emanates sheer radiance, flashing her brilliant smile and exuding an incredible charm. The different wedding gowns she dons include one featuring heart-shaped cutouts, symbolizing her four real-life marriages. Interestingly, one of the grooms in the video bears a striking resemblance to her current partner, Ben Affleck. Additionally, her former “World Of Dance” co-star, Derek Hough, and Trevor Jackson from “Grown-ish” also make appearances as lucky suitors.

Described as “This is Me…Now: The Film,” this project takes Jennifer’s fans on a unique journey. It combines a captivating narrative with intimate moments, reflecting on her love life, which has often been under intense scrutiny by the public. This musical and visual reimagination promises to be a blend of sensuality, humor, fantasy, and entertainment, unlike anything her fans have seen before.

Jennifer Lopez finally dropped the highly-anticipated music video to her new single Can't Get Enough on Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez has finally released the long-awaited music video for her latest single, Can’t Get Enough, on Wednesday.

The 54-year-old superstar looked incredible as she portrayed a bride marrying several different hunks in the high-energy track off her upcoming album, This Is Me... Now, the sequel to her 2002 album, This Is Me... Then

The 54-year-old music icon looked absolutely stunning as she played the role of a bride marrying multiple handsome grooms in her high-energy music video for her upcoming album, This Is Me… Now. This album serves as a follow-up to her 2002 release, This Is Me… Then.

During an interview at the Golden Globes red carpet, JLo humorously described the video as a “meta story” that represents the journey from heartbreak to finding love again. She jokingly mentioned her expertise in weddings rather than marriages. She reiterated that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and believes in persevering through life’s ups and downs.

JLo has two children, Emme and Max, who are 14 years old, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony. Prior to Marc, she was married to Ojana Noa and Cris Judd. In 2022, she tied the knot with Ben, two decades after his initial proposal.

When asked about Ben’s reaction to the music video, which features JLo happily walking down the aisle with a groom who resembles him, she explained that he understands the nature of her work as an artist. She expressed that Ben is her biggest fan and supporter, just as she is of him.

The music video begins with a close-up of Jennifer in a beautifully crafted heart-shaped wedding dress, preparing to say her vows in an extravagant ceremony. As she whispers the words “Til death do us part,” two wedding guests humorously comment on her multiple marriages, suggesting that she can’t stay single for long.

The video quickly transitions to showcase Jennifer flaunting her impeccable dance skills, drawing from her experience as a Fly Girl. The theme of poking fun at JLo’s real-life relationships continues as guests at the wedding tease her about her fickle romantic history.

Jennifer 's groom in the video looks like her husband Ben Affleck; seen on Sunday

In a recent video, Jennifer could be seen with her groom who strikingly resembled her real-life husband, Ben Affleck. The casual footage was captured on a Sunday, adding a touch of spontaneity to the moment.

The music video opens with the camera closing in on Jennifer's heart-shaped cutout wedding gown as she readies to say 'I do' during an elaborate ceremony

As the music video begins, the camera zooms in on Jennifer’s mesmerizing heart-shaped wedding dress as she prepares to exchange vows in a beautifully extravagant ceremony.

JLo has three hunky grooms in the electrifying video

In the electrifying music video, JLo captivates viewers with the presence of three stunning grooms.

'Til death do us part,' she whispers, as two guests at the wedding make a joke about JLo getting married once again, as they mutter, 'I told you she can't be alone'

‘Forever linked,’ she softly murmurs, while a pair of attendees at the ceremony jest about JLo’s recurring nuptials, teasingly muttering, ‘Didn’t we predict she’d never be content on her own?’

Wedding customs like cake-eating are part of the play

Participating in traditions during weddings, such as enjoying a slice of cake, adds an element of fun and playfulness to the occasion.

The video quickly shifts gears and showcases Jennifer throwing all her Fly Girl dance experience to the floor as she hits the choreography with aplomb

The video quickly transitions and presents Jennifer, showing off her impressive Fly Girl dance skills flawlessly. The video concludes with JLo being portrayed in an office, deliberating over the failure of her marriages. Voiceovers of her ex-husbands expressing their reasons for “irreconcilable differences” can be heard.

Phrases like, “She doesn’t listen,” “she treats me like an employee,” “all she does is work,” and “constantly critical” can be heard as the music video ends with a “To be continued” place card. The lyrics of the song also reflect her past Hollywood romances, particularly with Ben, as she belts out lines like, “Is this real life? Too good to be true,” expressing her passionate love for him.

In addition, she sings about wanting exclusive affection, stating, “Don’t wanna share with no one else. You’re always the one I needed. Don’t gotta keep a secret, but I’ll let you keep me to yourself.” The song highlights the way he loves her, touches her, and looks at her, as she cannot get enough of him.

This isn’t the only song on her album dedicated to her husband, as Jennifer has also included a track called “Dear Ben II,” which is a follow-up to the original song “Dear Ben” from her album, This Is Me… Then.

Flashing her megawatt smile throughout the clip, the actress glowed as she rocked an array of wedding gowns

The actress beamed with joy in the video as she effortlessly showcased a stunning variety of wedding dresses, illuminating the screen with her radiant smile.

She rocked a wedding dress with heart-shaped cutouts, while getting hitched several times over—a nod to her four marriages in real life

Wearing a gown adorned with sweet heart-shaped cutouts, she playfully exchanged vows multiple times, mirroring the four joyful unions she has had in her own personal journey.

'It’s definitely kind of a meta story about the journey that it takes from getting from heartbreak back to love,' JLo said of the video

Jennifer Lopez described the video as a fascinating narrative that explores the transformation from heartbreak to love.

'I am somewhat of an expert you could say in a real way. Not so much about marriage but on weddings,' Lopez joked

‘I consider myself quite knowledgeable in a realistic sense, although maybe not specifically about marriage but definitely when it comes to weddings,’ Lopez playfully stated.

According to Billboard, the latest album features a variety of songs such as To Be Yours, Mad in Love, Greatest Love Story Never Told, Rebound, and This Time Around.

Jennifer recently admitted that both she and Ben still struggle with the traumatic aftermath of being in the spotlight during their first romance. This was evident when they were together in the early 2000s, causing their fan bases to go into a frenzy and attracting overwhelming attention due to their ill-fated movie Gigli.

Although the couple became engaged towards the end of 2002, their engagement ended in late 2003, ultimately leading to the complete termination of their relationship in 2004.

During the time in between, Jennifer tied the knot and divorced Marc, with whom she had her twins.

The wedding was a majestic ceremony at a gorgeous estate

The couple’s nuptials took place in a grand celebration at a stunning mansion.

JLo dances up a storm while smiling big

JLo effortlessly unleashes her dance moves with a radiant smile

As for how Ben feels about the meta music video showing his bride happily walking down the aisle over and over, the Oscar winner understands it's all part of being a pop star, per JLo; seen with Derek Hough

Regarding Ben’s sentiments regarding the self-referential music video featuring his ecstatic bride repeatedly walking down the aisle, the acclaimed recipient of an Academy Award comprehends that it is an integral aspect of being a renowned figure in the music industry. Jennifer Lopez mentioned this while in the company of Derek Hough.

'He sees me as an artist. He knows that I’m going to express myself. He’s my biggest fan and my biggest supporter, as I am of him,' Lopez said of Affleck

Lopez spoke fondly of Affleck, acknowledging that he views her as an artist and supports her self-expression. She reciprocates this support and considers him her biggest fan. Meanwhile, Affleck had previously been married to Jennifer Garner, and although they have since divorced, they maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship for their three children – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Bennifer 2.0 rekindled their romance in 2021 and tied the knot the following year, once again generating significant buzz in the entertainment industry. Alongside her personal life, Jennifer is also preparing for her first role in a major musical production, an adaptation of the 1993 Broadway show Kiss of the Spider Woman, which adds to her already multifaceted career in the arts.

The new album contains songs including To Be Yours, Mad in Love, Greatest Love Story Never Told, Rebound and This Time Around

The latest collection of tracks features a variety of upbeat tunes, such as “To Be Yours,” “Mad in Love,” “Greatest Love Story Never Told,” “Rebound,” and “This Time Around.”

The star had a giant sparkler placed on her ring finger

The famous celebrity had a massive diamond ring adorning her finger.

The video ends with JLo in an office, appearing to work out the demise of her marriages as voiceovers of the husbands can be heard giving reasons for 'irreconcilable differences'

The video concludes with a scene of JLo situated in a professional setting, seemingly engaged in resolving the issues that resulted in the dissolution of her marriages. In the background, voices of her former spouses can be heard providing explanations for the “irreconcilable differences.”

The backdrop of the musical takes place in a correctional facility in Argentina during the year 1981, where Aurora, portrayed by Lopez, assumes the main character’s role. Luis Molina, a homosexual stylist imprisoned for supposedly influencing a minor inappropriately, has crafted a fictitious female persona named Aurora.

Bill Condon, the renowned director behind the movie Dreamgirls, will both pen and helm this upcoming production.

Jennifer’s eagerly anticipated ninth studio album, titled This Is Me… Now, will make its grand entrance on February 16th.

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