Jennifer Lopez wows fans with her toned abs as she prepares for her sizzling summer concert series

Jennifer Lopez is already in amazing physical condition, but she is pushing herself to reach peak fitness levels before embarking on tour. The 49-year-old multi-talented artist appeared much younger than her age in a recent Instagram photo, showing off her toned abs. Despite her busy schedule, Lopez managed to squeeze in a grueling workout at the gym and a rehearsal for her upcoming 32-city summer tour all in one day.

Stunning: Jennifer Lopez, 49, showed off her stunning washboard abs in a gym selfie posted Saturday on her Instagram

Impressive: Jennifer Lopez, who is 49 years old, proudly flaunted her well-defined abs in a gym selfie that she shared on her Instagram over the weekend. In the photo, JLo confidently posed in a white sports bra that highlighted her toned arms and sculpted midsection. She paired the sports bra with stylish pink and purple leggings adorned with small dots and white and gray Nike trainers. Her brown hair was styled in a neat bun, elegantly showcasing a pair of sparkling earrings.

Rock-solid physique: JLo was dressed in a simple white sports bra that put her well-muscled arms and chiseled midriff on display

JLo showcased her strong and toned physique in a basic white sports bra, highlighting her muscular arms and sculpted midsection.

Form-fitting: She added a pair of pink and purple leggings, which were mottled with little dots and showed off her pert derriere

Dressed snugly in pink and purple leggings dotted with small spots, she flaunted her shapely backside in a selfie captioned, ‘Squeezing in a workout before rehearsal. Tour time is almost here.’ Along with the selfie, Jennifer also shared a video of her fitness routine from that same session. The talented singer showcased her toned rear while focusing on strengthening her arms and core.

In a March article by Harper’s Bazaar, a detailed list of JLo’s statements on the diet and workout plan required to achieve her amazing figure was compiled. Key tips from the list include staying well-hydrated with water, avoiding caffeine and alcohol. When it comes to meals, the star prefers salads and lean proteins like fish with vegetables for lunch, while opting for chicken or pork accompanied by lots of veggies and water for dinner, as she mentioned in an interview with Us Weekly.

Working up a sweat: Jennifer also posted a video of her workout routine from the same session

Getting active: Jennifer shared a video of her exercise routine during the same workout session.

Putting on a show: The If You Had My Love singer showed off her butt while strengthening her arms and core

Showing off her fitness skills, the singer of If You Had My Love flaunted her toned backside while working on her arm and core strength.

Sensible ideas: In March, Harper's Bazaar compiled a list of her dieting tips, which including drinking copious water and favoring lean proteins like fish with plenty of vegetables

In March, Harper’s Bazaar shared some of Jennifer Lopez’s diet and fitness tips, such as staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and enjoying a diet rich in lean proteins and vegetables. She likes to hit the gym three to four times a week to stay in shape. When in New York or Los Angeles, she works with different trainers to keep her workouts fresh and engaging. Jennifer mentioned in an interview with Hollywood Life that she prefers working out in the mornings because it’s more challenging to fit in later in the day once her routine has started.

Keeping busy: Following her gym date, the Out Of Sight star pulled on a pink sweatshirt and headed to rehearsals for her upcoming summer tour

Staying active: After hitting the gym, the actress from Out Of Sight changed into a cozy pink sweatshirt and made her way to practice for her upcoming summer tour.

After her morning exercise session, the famous singer known as Jenny From The Block put on a pink sweatshirt as she documented her journey to rehearsal for her upcoming tour.
“Just got to rehearsal. It’s the first day of a full run-through,” she announced. “We still have two weeks before the opening night. I’m really thrilled.”
“I’m also a little nervous, you know. Worried that we won’t get everything done on time,” she admitted, before emphatically declaring, “No need to worry!”
Jennifer’s highly anticipated concert tour will begin on June 7 at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

Butterflies: 'Just arriving at rehearsals. First day of full run-through,' she said. 'Still two weeks before opening night. Super excited,' she said

“Just got to rehearsals for the first full run-through today,” she exclaimed. “We still have two weeks until opening night, but I’m feeling super thrilled about it!”

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