Jennifer Lopez Shares Insights on Jennifer Coolidge’s On-Set Behavior during Shotgun Wedding

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For those doubting the originality of modern movies, take a look at “Shotgun Wedding” on Amazon Prime, where a romantic comedy meets an action-packed thriller as a wedding party gets taken hostage.

During a chat with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lopez, who plays the bride, Darcy, in the film, also touched on her recent impromptu wedding with Ben Affleck. They shared their plans for a more traditional celebration with family later on.

The interview took an interesting turn when Lopez discussed her co-stars, particularly Jennifer Coolidge, a comedic icon and Emmy Award winner. Lopez hesitated to laugh as she recalled Coolidge’s hilarious antics on the set of “Shotgun Wedding.”

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During her interview with Kimmel, Jennifer Lopez shared her thoughts on working with co-star Jennifer Coolidge, admitting that she couldn’t always tell if Coolidge was purposely trying to be funny during filming. Lopez described how Coolidge’s humor was subtle and nuanced, much like the characters she portrays, leaving the cast unsure if they should laugh or not until they saw the final product, which she found hilarious.

Lopez drew comparisons between Coolidge’s comedic style and that of Andy Kaufman, praising the way Coolidge blurs the line between intentional and unintentional humor. She expressed a wish for audiences to experience the comedy of “Shotgun Wedding” together, like in a theater setting, even though the movie will be available for streaming on Prime Video. However, the audience at Jimmy Kimmel’s show got a special surprise when Lenny Kravitz made an appearance to invite them to the premiere of the film.

In a similar vein, Josh Duhamel echoed Jennifer Lopez’s sentiments about working with Jennifer Coolidge and the unique humor she brings to the film. “Shotgun Wedding” will be available for streaming on Prime Video starting January 27th, providing audiences with a chance to enjoy the comedic talents of the cast from the comfort of their own homes.

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel

In a recent interview with Parade, Josh Duhamel shared his thoughts on Jennifer Coolidge’s performance in the film “Shotgun Wedding.” Duhamel, who stars alongside Coolidge, praised her unique and quirky style of comedy. He mentioned how she brings an awkwardly beautiful charm to her character and how her on-set antics always keep the cast on their toes. Despite being only 11 years older than him in real life, Duhamel commended Coolidge for her talent and the way she effortlessly blends humor with her acting.

Duhamel also pointed out that Coolidge’s comedic timing is impeccable, whether it’s planned or improvised on the spot. He appreciated her ability to switch between moments of hilarity and quiet observation while on set. Despite her larger-than-life characters on screen, Duhamel noted that Coolidge is down-to-earth and pleasant to work with, creating a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone involved in the production.

Overall, Duhamel’s interview shed light on the multi-dimensional talent of Jennifer Coolidge, highlighting her versatility as an actress and her ability to bring characters to life with humor and heart.

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