“Dressed to Impress”: Kevin Hart charms in sleek attire while shooting speedboat sequence in Venice for upcoming Netflix movie “Lift” alongside Marvel actor Jacob Batalon and Korean-American singer Yoon-ji Kim

Kevin Hart appeared stylish while shooting an exciting speedboat scene with Jacob Batalon and Yoon-ji Kim in Venice for his upcoming Netflix movie, Lift, on Wednesday. Sporting a brown blazer and trousers over a white shirt, the 42-year-old comedian looked sharp. He initially wore lace-up shoes but later switched to black Nike trainers for a more relaxed vibe.

High-spirits: Kevin Hart looked dapper as he filmed an action speedboat scene in Venice for his new Netflix film Lift on Wednesday (left to right Kevin, Jacob Batalon, Yoon-ji Kim)

Kevin Hart was in high spirits as he filmed an action-packed speedboat scene in Venice for his upcoming Netflix movie, Lift. The comedian shared a photo on Instagram with his 143 million followers, showing him looking sharp in a stylish suit. In the caption, he expressed his determination to achieve big things despite his small stature, using hashtags like #ComedicRockStarShit and #SuitedAndBooted. Kevin was joined on set by Jacob Batalon from Marvel and Korean-American singer Yoon-ji Kim.

Action: Marvel's Jacob, 25, and Korean-American singer Yoon-ji , 33, powered through the Italian waters with Kevin while being filmed by several cameras

Marvel’s Jacob, aged 25, and Korean-American singer Yoon-ji, aged 33, were seen cruising through the beautiful Italian waters alongside Kevin as a team of cameras captured their every move.

Dapper: The comedian, 42, looked smart as he donned a brown blazer and matching trousers over a crisp white shirt

Sharp dressed: The 42-year-old funnyman was stylish in a brown blazer and pants, paired with a fresh white shirt.

Suave: He looked great in his suit as he strolled around

Star: He would have been sure to catch the eye of tourists in Venice

Dapper: He exuded charm and confidence as he casually walked through the room in his stylish suit.

Downtime: The actor added a pair of lace up shoes but later opted for a more casual look by changing into a pair of black Nike trainers

Break Time: The actor initially wore lace-up shoes, but later decided to go for a more relaxed style by switching to a pair of black Nike sneakers.

Cruising: The group took to the water

Sailing: The team embarked on a journey across the sea

Sunny: They were soaking up the rays on board

Sunny: They were basking in the sunlight aboard the vessel.

Weather: She shielded herself from the rays with an umbrella held by her assistant

Despite the sunny weather, she used an umbrella held by her assistant to protect herself from the rays. The group appeared to be enjoying themselves as they cruised through the waters of Italy, with multiple cameras capturing the moment. Jacob, whose role in the movie is still uncertain, looked relaxed in a black hoodie and pants. Known for his role as Ned Leeds in the Spiderman series with Tom Holland and Zendaya, he was spotted wearing black leather gloves and holding a striking gold mask.

Smart: Kevin took to Instagram to share a snap with his 143 million followers of him 'suited and booted' in the stylish suit

Clever: Kevin delighted his massive 143 million followers on Instagram by posting a photo of himself looking sharp in a snazzy suit.

Relaxed: Jacob, whos casting doesn't appear to be officially listed anywhere, cut a casual figure in a black hoodie and matching tracksuit bottoms

Casual: Jacob, whose role hasn’t been officially confirmed, looked laid-back in a black hoodie and coordinating sweatpants.

Jacob posted a video on his Instagram to his 2.3 million followers while on a boat, with a drone flying around capturing the scene.
Yoon-ji rocked a stylish navy blazer and had her dark hair tied up in a sleek ponytail.
Úrsula Corberó, famous for her role as Tokyo in Money Heist, was also seen in the video, looking glam in an oversized beige blazer and wide-leg trousers.
She shaded herself under an umbrella, wearing a white T-shirt under her suit, and styled her curly brunette hair in tight curls.

In costume: The star, who played Ned Leeds in the Spiderman films, was seen wearing leather black gloves and holding a scary looking gold mask

Donning a disguise: The actor, known for his role as Ned Leeds in the Spiderman movies, was spotted sporting sleek black leather gloves and clutching a menacing gold mask.

Filming: Also spotted in the scene was Úrsula Corberó, who is best known for playing Tokyo in the TV series Money Heist

Recording: Also seen in the shot was Úrsula Corberó, famous for her role as Tokyo in the popular television show Money Heist.

Stylish: The Spanish actress looked glam in a beige oversized suit while being shaded under an umbrella

Chic: The Spanish actress rocked a sophisticated look in an oversized beige suit while staying cool under an umbrella. During breaks in filming, the actors were seen checking their phones from time to time.

According to information from IMDb, ‘Lift’ tells the story of a female expert thief and her former boyfriend joining forces to steal $100 million worth of gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger flight. The star-studded cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Oli Green, Paul Anderson, Billy Magnussen, Vincent D’Onofrio, Viveik Kalra, and Yunjee Kim, playing various unnamed characters in the movie.

Working: According to IMDb, Lift 'follows a female master thief and her ex-boyfriend who team up to steal $100 million in gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger flight'

According to IMDb, the movie “Lift” tells the story of a female expert thief and her ex-boyfriend joining forces to pull off a heist of $100 million worth of gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger flight.

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