Jennifer Lopez Opens Up to Kelly Clarkson About Overcoming Fear of Solitude Before Rekindling Romance with Ben Affleck: Embracing Independence was Key

During a recent appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, Jennifer Lopez discussed her new movie, documentary, and album, all titled This Is Me… Now. The 54-year-old singer revealed that before rekindling her relationship with Ben Affleck, her former fiancé from 20 years ago, she had fears of ending up alone. She described getting back with Affleck as a unexpected ‘plot twist,’ which she explores in her new movie. Lopez emphasized that her story is not a fairy tale, but a real and personal journey. Additionally, she expressed that she believes she has evolved both as an artist and as a person.

Jennifer Lopez sat down with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show on Monday morning

Jennifer Lopez chatted with Kelly Clarkson during an episode of her talk show on a Monday morning.

The 54-year-old Bronx-born diva was chatting up her new movie, documentary and album, all titled This Is Me... Now

The 54-year-old singing sensation from the Bronx was discussing her latest projects – a film, a documentary, and an album all named This Is Me… Now.

And in doing so she revealed a new tidbit: before she got back together with Ben - her former fiancé from 20 years ago - she worried she would end up alone

She then shared a new revelation: before reuniting with Ben, her ex-fiancé from two decades ago, she was afraid of ending up alone. Lopez then discussed the meaning behind her new song “Can’t Get Enough” with Kelly. The two celebrities connected over their differing views on relationships, with Kelly admitting her fear of losing herself in a relationship, while Jennifer confessed her fear of loneliness. Although they faced similar issues, they took different paths. Kelly confessed to catering to men, while Jennifer attributed her comfort in company to growing up sharing a bed with her sisters. She learned to enjoy her own company and become her own best friend. Jennifer emphasized the importance of working hard to change oneself and break old patterns, which she highlighted in her movie.

The crooner also said that getting back with the Oscar-winning Affleck was like a 'plot twist' which she shares in her new movie.

The singer also mentioned that reuniting with the Academy Award-winning Affleck felt like an unexpected turn of events, much like a surprise element in her upcoming film.

'This is not a fairy tale...this is a real tale,' said the former Fly Girl. Jennifer also said she thinks she has really 'grown as an artist and a person'

“This isn’t a fairy tale, it’s my true story,” the former Fly Girl expressed. Jennifer added that she believes she has truly evolved both artistically and personally.

And the Latin looker bonded with Kelly over their 'yin-yang' outlook on relationships. Kelly said that she has a fear of being in a relationship because she loses herself but Jennifer has a fear of being alone. 'We maybe have the same issues but we went in separate ways,' said Kelly. Clarkson then admitted she 'caters' to men

The stunning woman with a Latin appearance connected with Kelly over their contrasting views on relationships. Kelly confessed that she is afraid of losing herself in a relationship, while Jennifer is afraid of being alone. Despite facing similar issues, they both took different paths, according to Kelly. Clarkson then revealed that she tends to prioritize men in her life.

Lopez said, 'I don't know if it's because I was a middle child or because we had one bed, and we shared a bed with my sisters so I was used to having bodies around,' she laughed. 'I got very comforted by that and I liked that feeling,' said Jennifer

Lopez shared that growing up as a middle child and sharing a bed with her sisters made her feel comforted by having bodies around her. She reminisced about the closeness and support she felt in those moments. To celebrate the release of Lopez’s new album, This Is Me…Now, Jennifer competed against Kelly in a fun game called “Throw Me A Line!” During the show, Clarkson and her band performed Lopez’s hit song, Let’s Get Loud in a tribute to the guest. Lopez recently took to Instagram to thank her fans for their support of her latest project. In a heartfelt video, she expressed her love and gratitude for her followers and announced exciting tour plans for the summer ahead.

The star then said she had to learn how to be alone and to be 'my own best friend'

The celebrity then mentioned that she had to discover how to enjoy her own company and become her own closest companion.

She added, 'I am much better at it now and it took a lot of work, it takes a lot of work to change anything about yourself and the patterns - that is what the movie is about, changing patterns'

She mentioned that she has improved a lot at changing patterns and it has taken a significant amount of effort to do so. The upcoming This is Me… Now Tour, featuring 34 North American arena concerts this summer, could possibly be her final big tour, according to Jennifer’s hints. Jennifer shared in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that she aims to provide her fans with an exhilarating and captivating performance during the tour, which starts on June 26 in Orlando, Florida at the Kia Center. She wants her audience to leave feeling like they just witnessed the best show of their lives. When it comes to her music albums, she explained that she never planned on making a “Now” album when she released “Then.”

Lopez is seen in Chelsea on February 16, 2024 in New York City

Lopez was spotted strolling around Chelsea in New York City on February 16, 2024.

The diva wore a fur coat and platform heels for her day out in the Big Apple

The glamorous icon strutted through the streets of New York City in a luxurious fur coat and stylish platform heels. Reflecting on her past, she revealed a sense of destiny, describing it as a feeling of everything falling into place. Both of her albums are dedicated to her husband, Ben, which she believes was meant to be. Looking back on the time when she named one of her albums “This Is Me… Then,” she didn’t realize it was capturing a moment when she fell in love deeply and created the entire album. It felt right to name it that way at the time. Now, 20 years later, she sees it as fate coming full circle with her romantic reunion with Affleck.

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