Kevin Hart Reveals How He Achieved 4% Body Fat for Action Movie Role

The comedic actor plays the role of an experienced gem thief in the Netflix movie, and he really dedicated himself to nailing the character.

Kevin Hart is showing off his impressive physique in the upcoming Netflix action film Lift. The 44-year-old actor shared that he pushed himself to be in top form for the role, possibly reaching as low as 4% body fat. Not only did he focus on physical training, but he also enjoyed bonding with his fellow action-star buddies in a group chat humorously named “Action Star Guys.”

In Lift, Hart portrays the character of Cyrus Whitaker, a seasoned thief leading a heist team aiming to steal $500 million worth of gold from a passenger plane mid-flight at 40,000 feet. This high-stakes heist, orchestrated by the government, is meant to be his last. The film, set to premiere on Netflix on Jan. 12, features a star-studded cast that includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, and more.

Netflix star Kevin Hart recently revealed on Instagram that he found himself in a wheelchair this summer after a friendly foot race against former NFL running back Stevan Ridley ended in injury. Hart joked about attempting some “young stuff” and competing in a 40-yard dash to settle a debate about speed, which led to him blowing “all my s—,” tearing his lower abdomen and hip abductors. Despite attributing the injuries to his age, Hart emphasized the importance of respecting one’s age and taking care of one’s health. Known for his commitment to fitness, the Jumanji actor emphasized the significance of staying active and eating clean to maximize life’s potential.

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