From Family Outcast to Pool Prodigy: The Inspiring Journey of Kevin Hart’s Brother

The sibling of well-known American comedian Kevin Hart is making a name for himself as a standout player in the groundbreaking World Nineball Tour, but his journey to success has been far from easy.

Robert Hart is currently facing the daunting task of becoming the top pool player in the world, but this challenge pales in comparison to the struggles he has overcome in the past. The older brother of actor Kevin Hart, Robert was once on a path to infamy due to his involvement with gangs and drug dealers.

Despite battling addiction and facing rejection from his family for his troubled past in Philadelphia, the 51-year-old Robert has managed to turn his life around. His journey included repairing a strained relationship with his famous younger brother, Kevin. Now, Robert is determined to make a name for himself in the world of professional pool, showing that he can overcome any obstacle life throws his way.

Hart Snr faced challenges in his youth, as his father Henry struggled with addiction and spent time in prison. Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert also faced difficulties, leading his mother Nicky to cut ties with him after he attempted theft from an elderly woman.

Today, however, Robert has transformed his life and is now one of the top players on the World Nineball Tour. He plays a key role in the Matchroom Pool venture, with Eddie and Barry Hearn aiming for global success in the sport.

Robert has set his sights on becoming the best player in the world, and his chances are improved by his stable personal life. He is now a sober father, reconciled with his family.

Kevin described in his 2019 Netflix documentary series, “Don’t F**k This Up,” how his mother gave his brother a lot of freedom, allowing him to make teenage mistakes on his own. As a result, Kevin felt like it was just him and his mother left to navigate life together.

From my mom’s perspective, she may have been too easy on my brother in the past. She believed that by keeping me away from trouble, I wouldn’t end up like him.

Back when we were kids, my older brother and I weren’t very close. But as we grew older, our bond strengthened. Now, he’s not just my only sibling but also my closest friend.

Now, the only thing consuming my “best buddy” is his drive to succeed at the upcoming UK Open Pool Championship at London’s Copper Box Arena on May 30.

No matter what the future holds for Robert Hart in his career at the table, it can be said that he has already overcome some major hurdles in life. (Source:

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