A Chat with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens: Balancing Work and Life | Exclusive Interview with USA TODAY

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens dish on work and life | USA TODAY

“Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens recently sat down with USA TODAY to chat about their experiences while filming the beloved fairy tale adaptation. From dancing on stilts to revealing their favorite comfort flicks, the duo shared some behind-the-scenes insights into their time on set.

Watson, who portrayed the iconic role of Belle, revealed that dancing in the ballroom scene while on stilts was both thrilling and challenging. “It was a surreal experience to be dancing with Dan on stilts, trying to maintain our balance while looking graceful and elegant,” she said with a chuckle. Stevens, who played the Beast, also confessed that mastering the choreography on stilts was no easy feat, but ultimately a rewarding one.

In addition to discussing their on-screen performances, the actors opened up about their off-screen bonding moments. Stevens shared that one of his favorite memories was when the cast had a movie night together, watching their favorite comfort flicks. “We all needed a bit of downtime after long days on set,” he explained. “Watching movies together helped us unwind and build a stronger connection as a cast.”

Watson echoed Stevens’ sentiment, adding that the camaraderie amongst the cast and crew made the filming process even more enjoyable. “It truly felt like a family on set,” she said. “We supported each other through the challenges and celebrated our successes together.”

As the interview came to a close, Watson and Stevens expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring such a beloved story to life on the big screen. “Being a part of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been a dream come true for both of us,” Watson said. “We hope that our passion for this project shines through in our performances.”
Fans of the film can catch Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in their enchanting roles in “Beauty and the Beast,” now available for streaming on various platforms. Don’t miss out on this magical tale brought to life by these talented stars.
Source: USA TODAY.


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