Exclusive: Kurt Zouma’s Cats Find Happiness and Health as RSPCA Plans Rehoming Following Animal Cruelty Admission

Pictures have been released showing Kurt Zouma’s Bengals cats, Bonbon and Cherie, in good health as they await re-homing by the RSPCA. The adorable cats are seen happily playing with toys in their temporary homes, ready to be transferred to new owners. This comes after the footballer admitted to animal cruelty charges, following a viral video showing him kicking and slapping one of the cats. The incident was brought to light when a woman saw the video on his brother’s Snapchat, leading to cancellations of dates and outrage from animal rights campaigners. Kurt Zouma and his brother faced charges under the Animal Welfare Act, pleading guilty in court. The shocking footage has also sparked similar acts of animal cruelty, causing concern among the public and activists.

Newly released images show his former Bengal cats, Bonbon and Cherie, playfully roaming around their temporary homes while the animal rights charity begins the processing of transferring them to new owners

Recently published photos depict his former Bengal felines, Bonbon and Cherie, joyfully exploring their temporary dwellings as the animal welfare organization starts the process of finding them new families to go to.

Pictured: Zouma's two Bengal cats are due to be rehomed by the RSPCA later this year

Pictured: Zouma's two Bengal cats are due to be rehomed by the RSPCA later this year

In the image: Zouma’s two Bengal felines are set to find new homes with the help of the RSPCA in the coming months.

Premier League footballer Kurt Zouma (pictured leaving court) admitted kicking and slapping his cat after a video of the incident which also showed him saying 'I swear I'll kill it' went viral

Soccer player Kurt Zouma, who plays in the Premier League, confessed to kicking and slapping his cat. A video of the incident was shared online, showing him threatening to harm the animal by saying ‘I swear I’ll kill it’.

West Ham defender Kurt Zouma (pictured) was summonsed to appear before court in relation to a video which emerged in February of him allegedly kicking and slapping his cat

West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma is set to appear in court after a video surfaced in February showing him apparently mistreating his cat by kicking and slapping it.

During the court proceedings, a concerning video was shown of an incident that took place at Zouma’s residence, which was later shared on Snapchat by his brother on February 6. The footage was discovered by a woman who had been messaging Yoan, which led her to alert authorities. In the video, Zouma was seen kicking the Bengal cat across his kitchen, throwing shoes at it, and slapping its head. Prosecutor Hazel Stevens informed the court that Zouma could be heard threatening to kill the cat. The clip, lasting 40 seconds, appeared to show Zouma taking action after the cats were blamed for damaging a chair in the house. Stevens mentioned that Zouma seemed intent on punishing the cats for the damage they caused. Shockingly, Zouma even involved his young son in holding one of the cats still while he hit it. The prosecutor described the incident as deeply disturbing, highlighting that Zouma did not discipline the cat where it was found but rather brought it into the kitchen and treated it with cruelty.

Kurt Zouma was forced to apologise after a video of him kicking his cat went viral in February

Kurt Zouma was forced to apologise after a video of him kicking his cat went viral in February

In February, a video of Kurt Zouma kicking his cat went viral, leading him to issue an apology for his actions.

Zouma admitted two offences under the Animal Welfare Act after kicking and slapping his cat

Zouma confessed to two violations of the Animal Welfare Act for physically abusing his cat by kicking and slapping it.

During the court hearing, it was mentioned that a young woman, who was the first to report the disturbing footage, was so horrified that she even canceled a date with Yoan Zouma. She expressed her shock by stating, “I don’t think that is acceptable. The cat doesn’t deserve that. I don’t want to be associated with people who find such behavior funny, especially in front of a child. You need to be more careful, especially considering your family’s reputation.”
The video captured Kurt Zouma filming the cat while it was sitting on a chair. He then approached the cat with a slipper before running towards it. Kurt is seen dropping the cat, kicking it in the stomach with his left foot, and another cat can be seen fleeing the scene. In the background, Kurt could be heard laughing while Yoan posted the video along with laughing emojis. Kurt’s comments such as ‘I’ll hit it’, ‘you want a fight’, ‘where is it. Where is it?’ and ‘I’ll kill it – I swear – I’ll kill it’ were also recorded.
The prosecutor mentioned that the cat was taken to the kitchen where it was kicked. The disturbing footage indicated a pattern of harmful behavior towards the cat. Since the video was shared, there have been reports of similar incidents where cats were mistreated and shared on social media platforms. It was highlighted that such treatment of family pets sets a negative example and is not in line with the behavior expected from public figures like professional footballers. As responsible individuals, their actions are emulated by others.
The court was informed that Kurt Zouma has agreed to re-home his two Bengal male cats, who are currently under the care of the RSPCA. An independent vet, after examining the cats and reviewing the video, mentioned that there were no visible signs of injuries. However, the vet emphasized that being hit and kicked would have caused suffering to the cats, while being chased would have induced fear and distress.

Yoan Zouma at Thames Magistrates Court to appear over allegations filming a cat being kicked by his brother Kurt Zouma

Yoan Zouma at Thames Magistrates Court to appear over allegations filming a cat being kicked by his brother Kurt Zouma

Yoan Zouma was seen in court due to allegations that he was filming a video of his brother Kurt Zouma kicking a cat.

Yoan Zouma, the brother of West Ham's Kurt Zouma, arrives at Thames Magistrates' Court

Yoan Zouma, the sibling of West Ham’s Kurt Zouma, appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court. He expressed his belief that the forceful kicking and slapping of a cat, as shown in the video, would undoubtedly have caused pain and discomfort to the feline. He stated that there is no justification for such cruel treatment towards animals.

The 27-year-old pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. Yoan also admitted to aiding his brother in the incident. Despite being fined by his club and losing a significant sponsorship deal, the West Ham player has faced consequences for his actions.

The defense attorney highlighted the impact on Kurt Zouma’s career, mentioning his hefty fine and loss of sponsorship. The French national team has also not selected him, further adding to the repercussions he has faced. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 1, with two charges against the men dismissed.

The RSPCA prosecuted Kurt Zouma (right) and his younger brother Yoan (left) over the video

The RSPCA brought charges against Kurt Zouma and his younger brother Yoan after viewing the video.

David Moyes received backlash for picking Zouma despite admitting his actions were 'terrible'

David Moyes faced criticism for selecting Zouma despite owning up to his ‘awful’ behavior. Zouma’s court appearance was marked by a chaotic scene, with security guards using umbrellas to shield the defendant. Zouma’s two cats are currently in the care of the RSPCA. Following the incident, RSPCA chief inspectorate officer Dermot Murphy condemned the mistreatment of animals and emphasized the importance of showing kindness and respect towards all animals. West Ham imposed a £250,000 fine on Zouma and made donations to various animal welfare organizations. Zouma issued a public apology for his actions, expressing deep regret for his behavior.

The RSPCA has since taken care of the two Bengal cats who remain at an undisclosed location

The RSPCA is now looking after the two Bengal cats, who are currently being kept in a secret location.

Pictured: One of the cats that were confiscated from Kurt Zouma after the video went viral

Pictured: A cat that was taken from Kurt Zouma following a viral video.

Zouma expressed his sincere apologies to those who were disturbed by the video and assured everyone that his two cats are in good health and well cared for by his family. He admitted that the incident was a one-time occurrence and promised it would not happen again.

In addition to his public statement, Zouma also apologized to his teammates at their training facility. Reports indicate that his club sent him to an animal awareness course as part of his punishment. Furthermore, he lost his sponsorship deal with Adidas due to the controversy.

After facing backlash, Yoan was briefly suspended by Dagenham & Redbridge before being reinstated in March. He released an apology on the team’s website, expressing regret for his actions and the distress they caused. Yoan emphasized that the incident was not a reflection of who he is and that he is taking time to reflect on his behavior.

West Ham were criticised for playing Zouma just 24 hours after the disturbing video went viral

West Ham faced backlash for fielding Zouma in their match against Watford just a day after a troubling video of him mistreating his cat went viral. Despite the outrage, West Ham stood by their decision to play Zouma. Manager David Moyes defended his choice, stating he was aware of his moral compass. He believed that the fine and public backlash were enough punishment for Zouma. The incident even sparked a disturbing trend of copycat attacks by an online group known as the ‘Kick the Cat Club’. These attacks were filmed and shared online, causing concerns for the safety of the individuals involved.

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