Ben Affleck Cancels Jennifer Lopez’s Performance Midway After Discovering the Song was Originally for her Ex

It’s crucial to be cautious when faced with such allegations, as they could be coming from unreliable sources or contain false information. As of my most recent check, there have been no trustworthy statements confirming that Ben Affleck kicked Jennifer Lopez off stage after just two minutes for singing songs he had previously written for her ex.

Affleck and Lopez go way back, from their engagement in the early 2000s to now, where they have sparked rumors of rekindling their romance. It’s no surprise that their personal lives are a hot topic in the media, but it’s important to fact-check before jumping to conclusions.

If there are any new updates or official announcements on this matter, you can count on reputable news sources to bring them to light. But until then, it’s wise to take any unverified gossip about celebrities with a grain of salt and avoid spreading rumors.

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