Encountering Able Maew: The Resilient Feline with a Double Dose of Love

A cat with a disability may not realize that they are different from other cats. They can still be happy, playful, and curious just like any other feline. Able Maew had a tough start in life, being found on the streets of Thailand. After a dangerous accident involving an electric transformer, he suffered damage to his front legs and tail. Despite his injuries, he adapted to his new life with the help of a kind human. Now, Able Maew lives indoors with other cats, enjoying a spoiled and loved life. Let’s give a warm welcome to Able Maew!

At first glance, he may appear to be a handicapped cat, but don’t let his looks fool you – this feisty feline has plenty of spunk and a big heart. Able Maew lives alongside his disabled cat companions, showing that his owner has a compassionate soul. Looking at their photos, it’s clear to see the joy and happiness this group of cats brings to each other. His owner shared, “When I first laid eyes on Able, I was filled with energy and motivation to embrace life. He is truly a resilient cat.”

As you can tell, he has made tremendous progress since the day he was first saved.

Able and his three feline friends, Finfin, Ginny, and Pocky, enjoy spending their days playing, snuggling, and observing the world from their cozy abode. Their favorite pastime involves watching the worldaove, which is usually filled with fluttering birds.

Able Maew has found a unique way to move around that some say makes him look like a feline T-Rex… This video captures his remarkable mobility quirks. Sometimes in life, all it takes is one person who believes in you and gives you the opportunity you deserve. I’m grateful that Able found that person who helps him thrive. They’ve been together for eight years, and here’s to wishing them many more happy years ahead.

Have a friend who would appreciate viewing Able’s pictures and learning about his journey? Share this article with them to add some joy to their day. Able serves as a reminder that with a supportive human by their side, any cat can achieve greatness.

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