“Cruising in Style: Katy Perry Takes Daughter Daisy for a Spin in Luxe Custom Moke Golf Cart through Montecito”

Over the weekend, Katy Perry was cruising around Montecito with her daughter in a stylish electric vehicle. The American Idol judge was driving a custom white Moke, which costs about $30k. Her three-year-old daughter Daisy was securely seated in the back as they made a quick stop at Starbucks before heading back to their $7 million home. The mother-daughter duo seems to enjoy taking trips in their eco-friendly golf cart around town.

Katy Perry was seen driving her daughter Daisy around in a customized white Moke electric vehicle that retails for around $30,000

Katy Perry was spotted cruising in a personalized white Moke electric car with her daughter Daisy, a ride that can be yours for about $30,000.

Daughter Daisy, three, was strapped in a car seat in the backseat of the golf cart as they road around Montecito

Daisy, the three-year-old daughter, was safely secured in her car seat in the back of the golf cart while they cruised around Montecito.

DailyMail.com spotted the singer over the weekend spending quality time with three-year-old daughter Daisy near their Montecito home

Over the weekend, DailyMail.com caught a glimpse of the singer enjoying some precious moments with her three-year-old daughter Daisy by their Montecito residence.

The custom white Moke has Hermes orange leather interior and a whimsical Hula girl on the dashboard

The personalized white Moke features a sleek Hermes orange leather interior and a fun Hula girl perched on the dashboard.

Katy wore an all grey sweat outfit, baseball hat and Birkenstock sandals for the casual outing

Katy opted for a laid-back look in a matching grey sweat set, paired with a baseball cap and comfy Birkenstock sandals for their low-key outing. The pair was spotted parked by a nearby beach earlier this month, enjoying some seashell hunting together.

Katy lives in Montecito with her fiancé of five years actor Orlando Bloom, 47

Katy resides in Montecito with her partner, actor Orlando Bloom, for five years. This past Sunday, Katy and Daisy were spotted leaving a brunch spot in the Upper Village area of Montecito. Katy sported a full grey sweat outfit, a baseball hat, Birkenstock sandals, and carried a crochet handbag adorned with daisy flowers. The two have been seen driving their custom white Moke to the Montecito Club for Katy’s pickleball games. The Moke features Hermes-orange leather interior and a fun Hula girl figurine on the dashboard. Fans of American Idol may recognize it as the car Katy used to take her fellow judges on a tour of Santa Barbara, showcasing her hometown during the show’s recent season. Katy expressed her joy in sharing her roots while giving them a glimpse of her upbringing, including memories of singing on State Street to earn money, shaping her into the person she is today. Recently, Katy made headlines by announcing her departure from American Idol after seven seasons on the show.

Fans of American Idol recognize it as the car she drove her fellow judges Lionel Richie, 74, and Luke Bryan, 47, around in Santa Barbara for a tour of her hometown earlier this season

Diehard American Idol fans know the vehicle Katy Perry used to show her fellow judges Lionel Richie, 74, and Luke Bryan, 47, around Santa Barbara during a tour of her hometown earlier in the season.

Katy and Daisy could be seen hopping into the trendy golf cart to head to their 6,400 square foot home with a pool and spa

Katy and Daisy hopped into their stylish golf cart to make their way back to their spacious 6,400 square foot residence, complete with a luxurious pool and spa.

On Sunday, Katy and Daisy could be seen driving away from a brunch spot in the Upper Village area of Montecito

This past weekend, Katy and Daisy were spotted cruising out of a popular brunch spot in the Upper Village neighborhood of Montecito.

On another outing, Katie wore a casual-looking fuzzy white top paired with matching pants, a tan fedora, and rose-colored aviator sunglasses

During a recent outing, Katie opted for a relaxed and cozy look, sporting a fluffy white top with matching pants, a stylish tan fedora, and trendy rose-colored aviator sunglasses. The Moke, a popular vehicle choice among celebrities like rockstar Tommy Lee and new dad Brody Jenner, is the same type of golf cart that Kris Jenner gave to each of her kids on Christmas. However, despite their popularity, these golf cart vehicles can pose a serious safety risk. Tragically, a news story last April highlighted the dangers associated with golf carts when a newlywed, Samantha Miller, lost her life in a drunk driving accident on her wedding day in South Carolina while riding in a golf cart with her husband. Although these carts may not offer much protection in a collision with a regular car, they are still considered legal for use on public roads. Katy Perry, another celebrity fan of the Moke, was pictured in a similar attire on a different occasion, teaming her fuzzy white outfit with diamond accessories. Katy currently resides in Montecito with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, just a short drive away from her parents. The couple, engaged since Valentine’s Day 2019, have yet to announce a wedding date.

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