“Watch out Susanna Reid! David Beckham flaunts muscles and ink in bold fashion shoot”

Susanna Reid had a steamy moment during her interview with David Beckham on Good Morning Britain, and his new modeling photos are sure to have a similar effect on the playful presenter. The former football star, now 40 years old, has revealed his latest collection for H&M, flaunting his toned arms and extensive tattoo collection in the campaign photos. Whether he’s dressed in a sharp suit, vests, or cozy knitted jumpers, the father of four shows that he can rock any look in these new pictures.

David Beckham has unveiled his latest designs for high street store H&M and showcases his toned arms and ever-growing tattoo collection in the black and white campaign shots

David Beckham has revealed his latest creations for popular retailer H&M, flaunting his fit physique and extensive tattoo collection in the sleek black and white campaign images. The upcoming collection, set to hit stores on October 1st, features essential pieces that David believes every man should have in their wardrobe each season.

Teaming up with actor and comedian Kevin Hart, the duo stars in a humorous video for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham Autumn 2015 Collection. In the video, Hart hilariously portrays an actor getting ready to step into the shoes of Beckham himself.

Expressing his excitement about working with Hart, David shared, “Kevin Hart is one of the wittiest and cleverest guys out there. I always like to add a twist to my H&M campaigns, and I hope everyone has as much fun watching it as I did creating it.”

The collection, which David styled himself, is made up of key wardrobe essentials that he believes every man needs in his wardrobe each season

David curated a wardrobe collection consisting of essential pieces that he believes are fundamental for every man’s seasonal wardrobe.

In the campaign for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham Autumn 2015 Collection, the father-of-four proves he can look good in anything

In the promotional push for the latest Autumn 2015 Modern Essentials handpicked by David Beckham, the doting dad effortlessly showcases his ability to rock any outfit with style.

Posing in dapper suits and bomber jackets, the former footballer works each look to perfection

The ex-footballer effortlessly showcases his style in a variety of dapper suits and trendy bomber jackets, meticulously putting together each outfit with finesse.

The footballer has also called on actor and comedian Kevin Hart to help promote his new garments

The soccer player has reached out to actor and comedian Kevin Hart to assist in promoting his latest clothing line.

The pair star in a video, which gives a humorous take on the world of Beckham himself

The duo appears in a video that playfully explores the world of David Beckham.

Nice soak: In one part of the ad the boys wade into a bathtub 

Relaxing Bath Time: At one point in the commercial, the boys casually step into a tub for a leisurely soak.

You're bothering me: Hart acts up in the commercial while Beckham looks on with a raised eyebrow 

Hart brings the laughs in the commercial while Beckham watches with amusement and a raised eyebrow. Kevin, known for his roles in Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer, and Ride Along, joked, ‘Making fun of a global icon like David Beckham is a comedian’s dream come true.’ He also mentioned his excitement about starring in David’s latest H&M campaign, as he loves both fashion and sports. The new campaign follows an interview where Beckham, now a model, discussed his role in a short film for Belstaff, a motorcycle clothing brand, with presenter Susanna Reid. During the interview, Reid jokingly mentioned how hot it was under the studio lights as she fanned herself.

Speaking about working with David, Kevin Hart said: 'I love fashion as much as I love sports, which is why I was so excited to star in David’s new H&M campaign'

Kevin Hart expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with David in a recent interview, stating, “I have a passion for both fashion and sports, so I was thrilled to be a part of David’s latest H&M campaign.”

Speaking about his latest campaign and video with Kevin, David said: 'I love to do the unexpected for my H&M campaigns. I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I did making it'

David shared his excitement about his latest collaboration with Kevin, saying, “I always like to keep things unexpected in my H&M campaigns. I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as I enjoyed creating it.” Beckham jokingly noted the contrast in their outfits, saying, “You look amazing in that dress, and here I am in just a T-shirt.” In response, Reid quipped, “Maybe I should have gone with the T-shirt!” The friendly banter continued as they shook hands and settled in for a relaxed interview. Later on, David joined his wife Victoria at her London boutique for a special dinner celebrating a successful year at the Dover Street store.

David's new campaign comes a day after the footballer-turned-model was being interviewed by flirty GMB presenter Susanna Reid

David launched his latest campaign the day after he sat down for a playful interview with Susanna Reid, who is a presenter on Good Morning Britain and known for her charm.

A giggling David was interviewed about his new role in a short film for motorcycle clothing brand Belstaff

David was all smiles as he talked about his latest gig in a new short film for the popular motorcycle apparel company, Belstaff.

David later joined wife Victoria Beckham as she hosted a special diner at her London boutique to celebrated a year of business.

David later joined his wife, Victoria Beckham, at her London boutique where she hosted a special dinner to mark the successful first year of her business.

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