Unwigged and Unleashed: Kevin Hart brings the laughs in a massive white Afro and shows off his muscles for a magazine cover shoot

Kevin Hart is redefining the term ‘big hair’ with his latest look. The comedian showcased a serious expression while flaunting his shirtless body in a massive white Afro wig on the cover of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter. This bold fashion choice was in support of his upcoming film, The Wedding Ringer, set to hit theaters this Friday. Check out the video below for more.

Hair-raising sight: Kevin Hart managed to keep a straight face as he posed topless in a white Afro wig of truly enormous proportions for the front cover of Friday's issue of The Hollywood Reporter

Astonishing spectacle: Kevin Hart maintained a serious expression while flaunting his bare chest in a colossal white Afro wig on the cover of the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter published on Friday.

Big ambitions: The 35-year-old revealed he wants to be a media mogul 'like Oprah or Jay Z or Tyler Perry'

Dreaming big: The 35-year-old star recently shared his aspirations of becoming a media mogul, inspired by the likes of Oprah, Jay Z, and Tyler Perry. In a bold move to promote his work, he posed topless in a photo shoot, showcasing his muscular physique and tattoos. With the headline ‘The Reign of Kevin Hart’, the charismatic actor confidently expressed his ambitions. Sharing the cover on Instagram, he exclaimed his excitement and gratitude. Alongside the glamour shots, there was a humorous picture of him holding adorable puppies, adding a touch of playfulness to his image. It’s clear that Kevin Hart is determined to carve out his own path in the entertainment industry and make a lasting impact.

Fooling around: In keeping with THR's headline, The Reign Of Kevin Hart, the 5ft 4in comedian did his royal duty by jokingly signing the forehead of a very tall assistant who bent down in front of him

Playing around: In line with THR’s headline, Kevin Hart, standing at 5ft 4in, embraced his royal responsibilities by playfully autographing the forehead of a tall assistant who stooped down in front of him. The reason behind these comical antics was not mentioned in the THR article.

The comedian later shared the amusing moment on Instagram, posting a photo of himself with a puppy along with the caption: ‘#DogsLoveMe #TheLittleOnePissedOnMyHead’. He also gave a shoutout to his movie The Wedding Ringer.

The film features Josh Gad as a timid groom named Doug Harris who, lacking male friends, hires Kevin Hart to be his best man in order to impress his future in-laws. Kevin’s track record of three No. 1 movies in 2014 – Ride Along, Think Like A Man Too, and About Last Night – has set high expectations for the success of The Wedding Ringer.

Going to the dogs: The THR article didn't say why the celebrity struck this zany pose but he shared it on Instagram with the message, ''#DogsLoveMe #TheLittleOnePissedOnMyHead'

The famous person’s quirky Instagram post with the caption, ”#DogsLoveMe #TheLittleOnePissedOnMyHead” was not explained in the THR article.

Here's a shoutout: Kevin and Josh Gad in The Wedding Ringer, which opens on Friday

Hey, just wanted to give a big shoutout to Kevin and Josh Gad for their upcoming movie, The Wedding Ringer, hitting theaters this Friday!

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