Unmasked: Kevin Hart hilariously surprises fans as he reveals true identity on The Masked Singer season premiere

During the season premiere of The Masked Singer on Fox, Kevin Hart surprised everyone by revealing himself as the contestant behind the Book costume. The 44-year-old comedian strutted his stuff as Book, complete with a mustache, bookworm, and feet made of books.
In his clues, Book mentioned having a trouble-making brother, holding a detective’s badge, performing at open mic nights, and boasting about his box office success of over ‘four billion dollars.’ He also hinted at a mission to ‘prank one special friend.’
When Book took the stage to sing Ne-Yo’s So Sick, panelist Robin Thicke couldn’t contain his laughter upon hearing the familiar voice.

Kevin Hart pulled off his Book costume as he voluntarily unmasked himself on Wednesday's season premiere of The Masked Singer on Fox

During the season premiere of The Masked Singer on Fox, Kevin Hart surprised everyone by revealing himself as the one behind the Book costume. The panelists, including new addition Rita Ora, couldn’t contain their laughter and excitement as Book’s performance wowed the crowd. With a big smile on his face, Kevin expressed his joy at the unique experience of being on the show. Robin shared his admiration for Kevin and the entire panel rushed to congratulate him on his entertaining performance. Kevin then wasted no time in unmasking himself and bidding farewell to his Book persona, much to the delight of everyone on stage.

Book took the stage and sang So Sick by Ne-Yo

Book showcased his talent by performing a rendition of Ne-Yo’s hit song “So Sick” on stage.

Nick Cannon wrapped an arm around Kevin after he voluntarily unmasked

Nick Cannon put his arm around Kevin after he willingly took off his mask. “Kevin, you’re really pushing the boundaries here,” Nick remarked. “I got you, Nick,” Kevin replied, admitting that he had been on a playful mission all along. “What’s going on?” Nick questioned. “You had no idea I was going to show up here, Nick,” Kevin responded cheekily. “And guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“That was the most bizarre performance ever seen on this show,” Nick criticized. “Yeah, but it was all part of the plan, Nick!” Kevin defended. “I purposely gave a bad performance!”

Nick teased him for looking ridiculous, but Kevin, standing in his unusual footwear, insisted that he didn’t look foolish. “There’s nothing foolish about me,” Kevin claimed confidently.

'That was the worst performance ever in the history of this show,' Nick said

Nick expressed that the recent performance was the most disappointing one ever seen on the show.

The season premiere also featured new panelist Rita Ora, 33, making her debut

The first episode of the season introduced Rita Ora as a new panelist, marking her debut on the show. During the premiere, there was a playful exchange between Nick and Kevin, with Kevin jokingly mocking Nick’s singing. Despite this, Kevin tried to walk off the show wearing shoes made of books, adding a humorous touch to the episode.

The season 11 premiere kicked off with Rita Ora singing “Who Are You” by The Who, followed by a heartfelt moment where she removed her mask and embraced her fellow panelists. The first contestant, Goldfish, rocked a pink mohawk hairstyle and a bedazzled dress while singing Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire.” Rita was impressed by Goldfish’s performance, praising her amazing voice.

The season 11 premiere opened with new panelist Rita singing Who Are You by The Who who revealed her identity after performing with a face mask

Season 11 kicked off with a bang as the newest panelist, Rita, took the stage to perform The Who’s “Who Are You.” Adding to the intrigue, Rita finally unveiled her true identity after delivering a sensational performance while clad in a face mask.

Goldfish, sporting a pink mohawk hairstyle and wearing a pink bedazzled dress, was the first contestant

The goldfish, with a stylish pink mohawk and a sparkly pink dress, made its debut as the very first participant.

She shared clues that included a jar of hearts and a glass slipper

Goldfish then sang Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

She gave out hints like a jar filled with hearts and a glass slipper.

Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Rita stood up and clapped

Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Rita gave a standing ovation, bursting into applause.

Jenny held up a face mask during the season premiere

During the season premiere, Jenny showcased a face mask as a clue. Nick commented, “Goldfish gave it their all on stage.” One of the Men In Black presented a framed gold record as a hint for the contestant. Goldfish humorously stated, “I must say gold is my lucky color.” Rita speculated that Goldfish could be Lea Michele, while Jenny thought it could be Selena Gomez. Ken took a guess and suggested Carly Rae Jepsen, jokingly saying, “Call me maybe? Call me correct!”

Next up was Starfish, a charming blue sea star in a snorkel and bathing suit. She provided clues like a four-leaf clover and a doll before dazzling the audience with a performance of Madonna’s Material Girl. Nick complimented her by saying, “Now that’s what I call a star!” A clock displaying 50 Billion was brought out as another clue for the mysterious contestant.

Starfish, a cute blue sea star wearing a snorkel and bathing suit, took the stage next

Starfish, a charming blue sea star outfitted in a snorkel and swimsuit, made their appearance on the stage next.

She sang Madonna's hit Material Girl

She performed Madonna’s popular song “Material Girl” with her own style and flair.

'Talk about a star!' Nick said

“Wow, what a star!” exclaimed Nick.
“I’ve had over 50 billion minutes of streaming in just one year!” boasted Starfish.
Rita pondered if she could be Catherine O’Hara from one of her beloved TV shows.
“Possibly,” replied Starfish.
Robin was convinced she was former Saturday Night Live star Cheri Oteri, while Jenny leaned towards Molly Shannon.
“I think she’s wearing the funniest costume we’ve ever seen,” remarked Ken.
“She makes me laugh so hard, it’s like she’s breaking my Botox,” Jenny added.
Ugly Sweater, resembling a rainbow-colored troll, entered on a cart of yarn. He dropped hints about a rabbit and a blue note record, expressing his determination to win.
Ugly Sweater then belted out Tina Turner’s hit song “The Best,” with confetti showering down on the stage upon finishing.
“Now that’s a rockstar,” Rita declared. “Absolutely iconic!”

Ugly Sweater, which looked like a rainbow colored troll, rode out on a cart of yarn

The unattractive sweater, resembling a vibrant rainbow troll, strutted out on a moving yarn trolley.

He shared clues that included a rabbit and a blue note record

He provided hints that involved a bunny and a vinyl record in shades of blue.

Ugly Sweater then sang Tina Turner's hit The Best and confetti rained down on the stage when he finished

Ugly Sweater wowed the audience with his performance of Tina Turner’s hit The Best, ending with a shower of confetti on stage.
Jenny praised his iconic presence, while Ugly Sweater hinted at collaborations with big stars in the past, calling himself a timeless style.
The judges speculated on his identity, with Robin suggesting Charlie Wilson, Ken guessing Nile Rodgers, and Rita considering Verdine White. Rita couldn’t help but mention she had a similar sweater at home that she didn’t find ugly at all.
Lovebird made a grand entrance in a green bird costume, sharing clues about being a hopeless romantic and showing symbols like a groom’s cake to a gold trophy. He expressed his excitement to finally be on the show, receiving support from Rita.
Lovebird’s rendition of Home by Phillip Phillips captivated the audience, who joined in singing along with him.

Lovebird, wearing a giant green bird outfit, spun around when he took the stage

Lovebird, donning a massive emerald bird costume, twirled around as he made his grand entrance on stage.

Lovebird sang Home by Phillip Phillips

The lovebird chirped out the lyrics of “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

The panelists stood up in appreciation of the performance

The audience members rose from their seats to show their admiration for the show.

Book was the final contestant to perform during the season premiere

During the season premiere, Book was the last to take the stage and give a clue. Lovebird expressed their love for the audience, specifically mentioning Ken. Robin jokingly commented that Lovebird must not really know Ken. Lovebird’s clue was a television showing the words ‘leading man.’ Lovebird confidently stated that they may be great as Lovebird but they are even better as a leading man. Ken guessed it could be Travis Kelce, while Rita thought it might be Odell Beckham Jr. Fans can catch the next episode of The Masked Singer next Wednesday on Fox.

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