Unleashing Her Bronx Vibe: Jennifer Lopez Shines in Sizzling Latex Stockings and Suspenders for Highly-Anticipated Hometown Show

By James Leyfield
Published: 04:23 EST, 5 June 2014 | Updated: 13:40 EST, 5 June 2014
Jennifer Lopez has built a reputation for wearing revealing and daring outfits throughout her career. And it seems that she has no plans to slow down, as she recently performed in her hometown of The Bronx, dressed in a provocative ensemble consisting of latex suspenders and stockings. The 44-year-old singer looked stunning in her outfit, which featured a cream leotard adorned with a colorful pattern. Check out the video below.

Wow:  The Love Don't Cost A Thing crooner stripped down to a pair of sexy Latex suspenders and stockings to perform her first-ever hometown gig in The Bronx

Impressive! The performer of Love Don’t Cost A Thing surprised the audience by donning a revealing outfit consisting of Latex suspenders and stockings for her highly anticipated debut show in her hometown of The Bronx.

Jenny from the Block: One of her male dancers even gave her pert posterior a cheeky grab at one stage during her energetic performance

Jenny from the Block: During her high-energy performance, one of her male dancers playfully grabbed her firm buttocks, adding to the fun and excitement. Jennifer, whose romantic relationship with boyfriend Casper Smart is rumored to be in trouble, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself on stage as she got up close and personal with her dancers. She seemed fully engaged in her performance, even placing her hands over her chest while belting out another one of her popular songs.

Not just an average girl: While Jennifer insists she hasn't changed, not everyone agrees

An Unconventional Girl: Although Jennifer maintains her unchanged nature, not all opinions align.

Hold on: The singer appeared to be putting maximum effort into the performance

Wait a minute: The vocalist seemed to be pouring their heart and soul into the show.

Moves: The American Idol judge at one point placed her hands over her chest as she blasted out yet another of her hits

Actions: At one instance, the American Idol judge gracefully covered her heart while belting out another one of her popular songs. Additionally, the celebrity flaunted a variety of captivating costumes, one of which paid tribute to her iconic Versace Grammy dress from 2000.

She further delighted her audience by donning a seductive white and gold ensemble that elegantly revealed her renowned derriere through the cut-out hot pants. In another captivating outfit, the singer confidently showcased her figure in a red sequin bra and matching hot pants, accompanied by a flowing jacket in a similar style.

As the performance progressed, her fans were continuously mesmerized by her wardrobe choices and stage presence.

Posterior: Jennifer's risque outfit showed off her famous rear to great effect

Jennifer’s daring attire accentuated her well-known backside in a captivating manner.

Sexy: The singer looked to be having great fun with her dancers on stage

Sensational: The vocalist appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her time with the dancers while performing on the stage.

Blast from the past: The star also wore several other fetching outfits, including a costume which paid homage to her legendary 2000 Grammy dress by Versace

Throwback moment: The celebrity donned multiple captivating ensembles, one of which paid tribute to her iconic Versace Grammy dress from 2000.

Iconic: Jennifer's dress for the Grammy Awards in 2000 is considered to be one of the most iconic gowns of all time

Legendary: Jennifer’s attire at the 2000 Grammy Awards is widely recognized as one of the most iconic dresses ever.

Sellout: While Jennifer spoke about how happy she was to be home, residents have accused her of selling out and not helping the community

Betrayal: While Jennifer expressed her joy about returning home, there are residents who claim that she has abandoned the community and prioritized her own interests. She chose to wear a blue ensemble that covered most of her body, but still managed to reveal some skin with the dress’ thigh-high split.
Jennifer’s recent performance coincides with rumors suggesting that her relationship is going through a rough patch. Allegedly, transsexual bikini model Sofie Vissa alleges that she sent explicit photos of herself to Casper. According to Woman’s Day, Sofie stated that she and Casper began conversing on Instagram last month and eventually shared provocative images. Sofie further emphasized that Casper was fully aware of her transgender identity.

Not exactly Jenny From The Block: Jennifer has insisted she hasn't changed but those in her neighbourhood were not so sure

Definitely not your typical Jennifer from the Block: Jennifer adamantly claims she hasn’t undergone any changes, but her neighbors seem to harbor doubts.

Racy: She covered up the majority of her body in a blue number, but still managed to flaunt some flesh courtesy of the dress' thigh-high split

Flirty: She chose a classy blue dress that tastefully left most of her body covered, yet cleverly revealed some skin through the daring thigh-high slit.

Leaning on a new guy: Lopez got close to rapper T.I. on Wednesday evening at Don Coqui in New York after her Bronx concert; nowhere to be seen was alleged cheating boyfriend Casper

Finding comfort in a fresh connection: Lopez formed a bond with the acclaimed rapper T.I. during an intimate gathering at Don Coqui in New York following her mesmerizing concert in the Bronx. Interestingly, her rumored unfaithful beau Casper was noticeably absent from the scene.

Kiss kiss: Also with the performer at her concert was mother Guadalupe and her sister Lynda

Smooch smooch: Mother Guadalupe and sister Lynda were also present alongside the performer during her concert.

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