This Dynamic Duo of a Hedgehog and Bengal Cat Is Melting Hearts

Bengal Audree and Herbee the hedgehog, along with their owner Talitha, have captured the hearts of the internet with their adorable adventures. Curious about their beginnings, their thrilling escapades, and their future plans, I had the chance to chat with Talitha and learn more about this dynamic duo. Discover more about Audree, Herbee, and their incredible journey at

Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the Bengal kitten

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your furry companions? What led you to have a Bengal cat and a hedgehog as pets?

I go by the name Talitha, and I’m a 27-year-old who hails from Wiesbaden, Germany. I grew up in a cozy house in the suburbs with two younger brothers who have now surpassed me in height. Our home was always filled with a plethora of pets that added so much joy to our lives. When I was 16, I took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey to study in Michigan for a year. It was a difficult decision to leave my family behind, but in the end, I ended up with two graduations under my belt, one in the US and the other back in Germany. After school, I took a hiatus to backpack solo through New Zealand and Australia, igniting a deep wanderlust within me.

Following this eye-opening adventure, I pursued my academic endeavors, acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Management and a Master’s degree in Innovation Management. Throughout my studies, I seized every opportunity to travel during breaks, exploring various countries in Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Traveling became a profound passion of mine – I relish the opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures and hear their captivating stories.

The Beginning of My Hedgehog Tale

Approximately five years ago, during a challenging phase in my life, I stumbled upon hedgehog photos that never failed to bring a smile to my face. One particular video of a hedgehog receiving belly rubs captured my heart, leading me to decide that I wanted a hedgehog of my own. That same day, I laid eyes on a baby hedgehog named Pokee through my phone screen, his adorable appearance resembling one that had dipped his nose in a jar of Nutella.

After a few weeks of eager anticipation, I finally brought Pokee home. I documented our moments together through photos, intending to preserve the joy he brought me. Eventually, I felt compelled to share these snapshots with others, believing that they could spread happiness just like they did for me during tough times. Little did I know that this decision would lay the foundation for what was to come.

Life with Pokee

Pokee quickly became my first hedgehog and the inspiration behind my Instagram page. He not only brought joy to me but also countless individuals worldwide. Travelling everywhere with me, he became my unwavering companion. However, tragedy struck when Pokee succumbed to a blood infection on March 2nd last year, leaving me shattered.

In my grief, I sought solace in New Zealand, a place where I had created cherished memories during previous trips. As I booked my flights, a serendipitous encounter awaited me.

Enter Herbee

Three days before my departure, a message from a girl on Instagram crossed my path. Unaware of Pokee’s passing, she sought my advice on hedgehog care but revealed that she couldn’t keep her recently acquired hedgehog due to severe allergies. Moved by her predicament, I welcomed her hedgehog, now named Herbee, into my home despite feeling unprepared.

Herbee’s presence brought a sense of fulfillment, and it felt as though we were destined to find each other. My journey with Herbee began, with countless memorable moments shared between us. Not long after, I welcomed Audree, a bengal cat, into our little family. Herbee and Audree’s bond blossomed instantly, turning them into inseparable companions who bring endless joy and warmth to my life.

And so, a new chapter of adventures and precious memories began with my beloved pets by my side.

How were you introduced to Bengals and what inspired you to get one?
My fascination with Bengal cats dates back to my childhood days when I dreamed of having one as a companion. Despite harboring this wish for years, the timing never seemed right until recently.
One serendipitous dream featuring a baby tiger led me to remember my desire for a Bengal cat. It felt like a sign, prompting me to explore the possibility further. In the pursuit of fulfilling my childhood dream, I stumbled upon images of a charming Bengal kitten that captured my heart instantly.
After a fateful conversation with a breeder named Jacky, it became apparent that this little Bengal girl named Audree was meant to be a part of my life. Her unique characteristics, like being the only female in a litter of brothers, resonated with memories from my own childhood. The idea of her being the “runt” of the litter only made her more endearing to me.
During a visit to Jacky’s, where Audree interacted with my hedgehog Herbee, it became evident that this was an ideal match. The decision to bring Audree into my life felt like a culmination of destiny, reminding me that pets often choose their human companions.
Finally bringing Audree home and witnessing her immediate comfort in her new surroundings solidified my belief that she was meant for me. Her seamless integration into my life, along with the effortless bond she shares with Herbee, reinforced my belief that love truly does bring everything together. In Audree, I found a missing piece of my heart, fulfilling a long-awaited dream and reaffirming my belief that some connections are predestined.

Bengal kitten hugging hedgehog

Why did you think these two very different animals would be able to get along?
I had always wanted to get a cat, but I knew I had to consider Herbee too. Bengals are known for getting along well with other cats, so I thought Audree would be a good fit. Audree was the only girl in her litter, smaller than her brothers, and used to their play-fighting. She was calm and observant, despite being the smallest. I believed she would benefit from having a big, yet gentle, brother like Herbee to show her the ropes. I introduced them carefully, with love and trust, and my instincts were right – they hit it off. Introducing them and fostering trust and love seemed to be key in their successful relationship.

Bengal and hedgehog kiss

What was the initial reaction when the two first met and how has their relationship evolved since then? Initially, they were both curious. Herbee did not show any fear and kept his quills down, while Audree was very careful. Now, they share meals together at night, sometimes even from the same bowl. Surprisingly, Audree prefers Herbee’s food over her own, even though they both eat the same thing (except for Herbee’s insect treats). Audree is welcomed into Herbee’s cage and sometimes sleeps there or simply observes him. There was one incident where Herbee nipped Audree, causing her to meow and briefly leave, but it never occurred again.

Audree and her bff Herbee

What sets Herbee and Audree apart are their personalities. Audree is a mix of adventurous and shy, whereas Herbee is always ready for excitement and outgoing. Audree can be a bit moody at times, while Herbee is consistently cheerful.

However, despite their differences, they share some common traits. They both enjoy cuddling, can switch between being calm and playful effortlessly, have similar food preferences, and are the most petite cat and hedgehog duo I’ve come across. They treat each other with respect, love striking a pose, and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Hedgehog sitting on a Bengal cat's head

What activities do you enjoy with your Bengal cat and Hedgehog to ensure they stay happy and entertained?
– I make sure to give Audree daily training sessions where she learns new tricks, and we go for walks outside with her leash almost every day.
– Recently, I began teaching her how to use a human toilet and you can follow her progress on Instagram!
– Herbee loves belly rubs or simply snuggling when he wakes up in the morning.
– At night, they have free reign to run around the apartment and entertain each other.

Audree and Herbee the hedgehog

What’s one of your most cherished memories with your furry friends?
It’s hard to pinpoint just one because every moment with them is special. It’s always a joy to see how they interact with each other in such funny and peculiar ways!

What do you pack when you’re planning a trip or hike with your pets?
I always make sure to have my iPhone handy for those impromptu photo shoots – maybe even a tiny hat for Herbee for some added cuteness! Here’s what else I pack:
– A cat carrier backpack for convenient transport. Herbee prefers to stay in it, while Audree can take a break from walking when she’s tired.
– Food, snacks, and water for all of us to stay energized and hydrated.
– A cozy snuggle blanket for them to relax in and feel comfortable during our adventures.

Bengal cat and hedgehog together
Audree and Herbee love traveling

It’s pretty cool that Herbee and Audree have their own social media profiles. Stay connected with their adventures by following them on Instagram!

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