The Surprisingly Gentle Nature of the Frightening-Looking Cat

Let me introduce you to Hagrid, also known as ‘Haggy Bear’ among his adoring fans. This big fluffy black cat, with a charmingly crooked tooth, had a rough start in the adoption process. But they say that all you need is to find the perfect match to truly live your best life, and that’s exactly what happened to Hagrid. His journey to a happily ever after was no walk in the park. Hagrid’s tale began in a rural shelter in Maryland, where he waited patiently for two long years to find his forever home.

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In a surprising turn of events, rescuers from Washington, D.C. came across him and immediately fell in love. They were determined to bring him and a group of other cats under their care.
Their kind intentions almost faced a hurdle when another fosterer had intentions to take him in first.
Unfortunately, they had a change of heart because Hagrid was a large cat, and they feared his imposing presence might intimidate other cats in the shelter.
Despite his intimidating appearance deterring some potential adopters, Hagrid turned out to be the sweetest cat deserving of love and care.
Meet Hagrid, the Most Amazing Foster Cat

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Hagrid serves as a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. Despite his intimidating appearance, Hagrid proved to be an exceptional foster cat. His temporary stay at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens in Washington led to a heartwarming bond with resident kitties Pokey and Dora.

After three weeks of fostering him, Dora, in an unprecedented gesture, snuggled up to Hagrid, prompting the fosterer to realize he was meant to be a part of their family. Not only did Hagrid excel in his love life, but he also excelled as a foster father to young kittens, showering them with care and ensuring their safety at every step.

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@pokeypotpie shared how kittens can learn from adult cats like Hagrid.
Typically, young kittens pick up “cat things” from older felines, which is essential for their growth and readiness for adoption. Upon arrival, Dora quickly snuggled into Hagrid’s shaggy fur, while Pokey happily played with him. Hagrid bonded instantly with the foster kittens and seemed destined to be a permanent part of their lives.
While many people gravitate towards adopting adorable kittens, there are numerous advantages to adopting a socialized adult cat. These cats already have established behavior and personalities. The rescuer highlighted Hagrid as a prime example of why adopting an adult cat can be a fantastic idea. Unlike kittens whose personalities are still developing, adult cats offer a clear picture of what to expect.

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Initially, Hagrid’s rescuers planned to offer him temporary shelter, but they quickly fell in love with his charming personality. Ultimately, they decided to make him a permanent member of their family, marking their first experience of adopting an adult cat with absolute satisfaction due to Hagrid being such a wonderful feline companion.
In honor of this heartwarming journey, they now commemorate the annual Haggaversary, celebrating the love and happiness that Hagrid has brought into their lives.
Hagrid’s happily ever after includes being a cherished part of their family, showing just how much joy a rescued pet can bring into a loving home.

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Credit: @pokeypotpie

Hagrid is currently enjoying a fantastic life with a loving family who truly values and appreciates him. As a dedicated foster parent, he continues to care for numerous kittens, including those with special health needs, guiding them through life’s obstacles.

When not nurturing or snuggling with his feline companions, Hagrid stays busy as the happiest biscuit-maker you’ll ever come across.

For a daily dose of Hagrid’s captivating escapades, be sure to follow him on Instagram and witness his beauty and the heartening efforts he puts into helping others. He truly is a kind and gentle soul with fur!

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