The Parental Chronicles: Unveiling the Lives of Nancy Hart and Henry Witherspoon, the Parents of Kevin Hart

Growing up in Philadelphia, Kevin Hart and his older brother were raised by their single mother, Nancy.

Kevin Hart, despite being a well-known comedian, had a humble beginning. He grew up in Philadelphia with his older brother, Robert, and his hardworking mother, Nancy, who was a computer analyst at the University of Pennsylvania. His father, Henry, struggled with drug addiction and spent time in and out of jail during Kevin’s childhood.

As Henry worked on his sobriety, Kevin forgave him and reconnected, even inviting him to spend time with Kevin’s wife and their four children before Henry’s passing in 2022. In 2018, Kevin opened up about his journey to forgiveness with his father, emphasizing the importance of family regardless of past struggles.

Kevin also cherished a close relationship with his mother, who passed away from cancer in 2007. He credits her for instilling in him the value of hard work and integrity, shaping his strong work ethic. Kevin’s positive outlook on life and love for his family stems from the lessons his parents taught him, making him the successful and compassionate person he is today.

Who are the parents of Kevin Hart? Let’s find out more about Nancy Hart and Henry Witherspoon. Nancy was the primary caregiver for Kevin and his brother Robert, raising them as a single mother in Philadelphia while working as a computer analyst at the University of Pennsylvania. In an interview on WTF with Marc Maron in 2015, Kevin shared that he grew up in North Philadelphia and despite it being a tough neighborhood, he loved it because it was home. In the Netflix docuseries Don’t F— this Up, Kevin opened up about his childhood and the struggles his mother faced in providing for him and his brother in a one-bedroom apartment. Henry, on the other hand, was in and out of prison for most of Kevin’s childhood.

Kevin has been vocal about his father’s struggles with drug addiction and the impact it had on his upbringing. During an interview with Howard Stern in 2016, Kevin revealed how his father’s addiction resulted in time spent in jail, his absence during important moments in Kevin’s childhood, and even stealing money meant for Kevin’s birthday gift.

Despite the challenges he faced, Kevin has turned the negative experiences from his childhood into positive aspects of his life today. He expressed on The Howard Stern Show in 2016 that he wouldn’t change anything, as he is a happy person. Kevin emphasized the importance of finding positivity in every negative situation, rather than responding with negativity.

Reflecting on how his father’s actions could have influenced his success and lifestyle, Kevin shared that if his father had not been involved in drugs, he might have handled his achievements differently. He acknowledged that tough experiences, including those with his father, have taught him valuable lessons that have shaped him into the person he is today.

Kevin openly shares how Nancy impacted his work ethic and their close relationship, but he also light-heartedly mentions the fear she instilled in him during his comedy performances. “She had a strength and determination that was unmatched,” Kevin revealed in “Don’t F— this Up.” “There was a look she would give you, where her smile would fade, striking fear into anyone.”

According to the comedian, Nancy raised him with stricter rules compared to his trouble-making brother. “In my mom’s eyes, she was too easy on my brother,” Kevin explained in “Don’t F— this Up.” “So, she made sure to keep me off the streets to prevent me from going down the wrong path. She enforced a structured routine in my life: waking up at 6 am, catching the school bus at 7, and participating in extracurricular activities after school.”

Nancy also assisted Kevin with rent, a fact he only discovered when he followed her advice.

During an episode of Oprah Prime back in 2014, Kevin opened up to Oprah Winfrey about a memorable experience he had with Nancy during his early days as a comedian. Facing eviction, Kevin turned to Nancy for help, only to be told to read the Bible first before discussing rent.

After finding six months’ worth of rent checks tucked inside the Bible Nancy had given him, Kevin was moved to reconnect with his faith. This discovery led him to make amends with his mom and understand the importance of staying faithful on his journey.

Nancy’s unwavering support played a significant role in Kevin’s life, as he shared in his book “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.” From keeping articles of his success to hiding her own ovarian cancer diagnosis from him to keep him focused, Nancy was truly Kevin’s biggest cheerleader.

“Kevin was headed to Australia to film ‘Fool’s Gold’ when his career was just starting to take off. His mother made him promise not to tell him about her illness until the end, as she was actually dying,” Robert shared in the interview with Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only.

Kevin, who was very close to his mother, realized that there were things being kept from him about her condition. Despite this, it became evident that his mother’s health was much worse than portrayed.

Robert mentioned that ‘Fool’s Gold’ was a significant opportunity for Kevin’s career. Nancy believed it was important for Kevin to focus on his career rather than worry about her while filming in Australia.

Over time, Kevin forgave his father, Henry, and allowed him to spend time with his grandchildren. Despite Henry’s absence during Kevin’s childhood, Nancy had to support the family on her own. The forgiveness towards his father was discussed by Kevin in an interview with PEOPLE back in 2018.

Kevin expressed that he recognizes everyone has their flaws and makes mistakes. He mentioned that he doesn’t want to be overly judgmental about things that can’t be changed in the past. Instead, he wants to focus on moving forward and loving unconditionally.

After Henry successfully addressed his addiction issues and became sober, Kevin felt more at ease having him around and spending time with his grandchildren. Kevin mentioned that he is grateful for being able to provide support to his father and give him opportunities to spend quality time with his grandkids.

In 2007, Kevin’s mother Nancy passed away due to cancer, and his father Henry passed away in 2022. Kevin paid tribute to both of his parents on social media, expressing his love and gratitude. He shared memories and photos of Henry with himself, his brother Robert, and his own family.

Kevin also mentioned that Henry, in an unexpected way, made him a better father, showing him valuable lessons through their relationship.

Despite the highs and lows of their relationship, the actor shared that he gained insights about fatherhood from his son Henry. “I’ve taken the lessons from my father’s mistakes and instead of dwelling on them, I’ve used them to my benefit,” Kevin shared with PEOPLE back in 2018. “I now know what I should do differently and what I never want my children to experience… Time is the most precious gift you can give your kids.” (Source:

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