The Hilarious Outcome of a Clever Solution: How One Family Tackled Dad Cat’s Overeating

Daphnie and Koon Wah, a couple from Hong Kong, are proud furparents to a unique cat named Meatball, who can be described as having a dad bod. The couple shares their home with four other cats: Mochi, Meatball’s partner, and their three adorable kittens named Bunny, Pepper, and Nugget.

As the kittens grew older and started to eat solid food, a concerning issue arose. Meatball began indulging in more than his fair share of food, even snatching some from his kittens’ bowls. To make matters worse, his daughter Pepper seemed to be following in his overeating footsteps. To tackle this issue, Daphnie and Koon Wah came up with a brilliant solution.

They decided to build partitions during mealtimes, ensuring that each cat could enjoy their food without the fear of others stealing it. In addition, they added fabric from some sake wine they had purchased in Japan to the front of each partition, giving it a personalized touch.

Thanks to these partitions, the cats can now eat peacefully and without any interruptions. Although Meatball and Pepper still maintain a slightly larger physique compared to the other cats, Daphnie and Koon Wah remain hopeful that this clever trick will help them shed some excess weight and return to a healthier size.

If you’re interested in seeing more adorable photos of the Meatball family, be sure to check out their Instagram account!

An increase in the feline family: Meatball and his companionship sidekick, Mochi, recently welcomed a litter of three incredibly cute kittens into the world. They are lovingly named Bunny, Pepper, and Nugget.

Introducing the charming Meatball clan.

In this adorable snapshot, we have our feline friends showing off their unique spots in the limelight. Taking center stage are three playful kittens, each with their own distinct characteristics. Let’s begin with Nugget, a delightful ginger cat who radiates warmth with their vibrant coat. Next up, we have Pepper, sporting the darkest fur among the bunch and adding an air of mystery to the scene. And finally, on the right side, we find Bunny gracing us with their adorable presence. Now, let’s shift our focus to the charismatic duo on the upper and lower levels. At the topmost position, we find the regal cat known as Meatball, confidently surveying their surroundings. On the other hand, down at floor level, Mochi relaxes gracefully, offering a sense of tranquility to this lively ensemble. Together, these feline pals have created a truly captivating tableau, displaying the beauty and charm that cats bring to our lives.

The couple was overjoyed to invite the new feline members into their abode. Their home became a haven of affection courtesy of the lovable Meatball Clan. The charming kitties dedicated their days to indulging in peaceful slumber and engaging in playful activities.

Undoubtedly, the most cherished moment for them is when it’s time to eat.

Sorry, but it seems like we’ve hit a roadblock.

Meatball, the patriarch of the feline clan, has an insatiable appetite, consuming an abundance that surpasses the portion typically reserved for him.

On top of everything, Pepper is beginning to imitate her dad’s negative behaviors.

In an effort to break Meatball and Pepper’s naughty behavior, Daphnie and her spouse, Koon Wah, devised a clever solution by setting up dividers to effectively segregate the feline duo during their mealtime.

The couple originally crafted a partition using cardboard, but they decided to upgrade to one made of wood. As a result, both individuals can now enjoy their meals without any disturbances!

Issue resolved. The feline companions have returned to their customary routine of engaging in playfulness, enjoying peaceful slumber, and engaging in their characteristic pastime of observing individuals, all while potentially devising secret plans against their human counterparts.

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