The Enigmatic Feline: The Overlooked Charmer at the Animal Shelter with a Seductive Gaze.

While browsing the animal shelter’s website one night, Francisca Franken stumbled upon a peculiar feline that immediately captured her attention. The cat’s unique traits of a flat face, gruff demeanor, and melancholic eyes instantly halted Franken’s scrolling. She couldn’t help but be smitten by the adorable and unconventional photographs of the cat, as it was unlike any she had encountered before.

In a state of anxious anticipation, she wasted no time in reaching out to the shelter to inquire about the availability of the cat. The thought of not hearing back kept her awake throughout the night, her mind consumed by fear and doubt. Upon making a follow-up contact, the shelter staff expressed disbelief that she was genuinely interested in adopting Bean.

“I received a surprising call from a delightful young lady at the rescue organization. She questioned whether Bean was indeed the feline I intended to apply for, as it appeared that no one had shown any interest in her before,” shared Franken. “The woman on the other end of the line seemed concerned that I may have accidentally selected the wrong cat or made some kind of mistake.”

Bean was a stray living in a trailer park until she found her way to the shelter. She had never experienced the warmth and affection of a loving home, and on top of that, she was suffering from an eye infection and other health issues. However, Franken was determined to change her unfortunate circumstances.

“I was led by a kind woman to the room where Bean was staying, and what I saw was beyond my wildest imagination,” Franken recounted with excitement. “Bean was incredibly tiny and delicate, with short legs, a small tail, and the flattest face I had ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t help but let my emotions overflow, and tears streamed down my face as soon as I entered her room. She exceeded all my expectations and was so much more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.”

Franken wasted no time in bringing Bean to her new forever home, and it didn’t take long for the grateful feline to make her appreciation known. “Right from the start, she showered me with affection and became my constant companion,” Franken shared. It seemed as though Bean had quickly understood that there was no need to “pretend” anymore and that her loving owner would never abandon her again, regardless of any change in her demeanor. As a result, Bean started revealing her sassy and outspoken personality, which Franken found endearing. “I actually enjoyed her showing me her true colors,” Franken remarked, embracing every aspect of her new furry friend’s character.

Bean now shares a cozy bed with her beloved companion, Franken, every night, ensuring they are always together in the same room. Aside from her mother, Bean has developed a deep fondness for olives, making them her ultimate culinary delight. However, an interesting quirk about Bean is that she becomes absolutely crazed at the mere whiff of olives or their brine.

Recalling the amusing anecdote, Franken reminisced about the first time Bean pilfered an olive. It happened during a late-night snack session when Bean suddenly darted towards Franken, swiping the olive right out of their trembling palm. Without wasting a second, Bean hastily snatched up the prized olive and scurried away, finding the perfect hiding spot underneath the sofa to relish her stolen treasure.

Isoprenoids, which are similar in chemical composition to catnip, can be found in green olives and pimentos. Bean is incredibly fond of these savory treats, to the point where she loudly protests whenever her mother reaches for them in the refrigerator.
Luckily, olives are considered safe for cats in small quantities, so Franken indulges Bean with a couple as a special treat.

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