Taking the Stage: Jennifer Lopez, 47, gets a helping hand from her dancers after a gravity-defying move in her Vegas performance

Jennifer Lopez has been dazzling audiences with her dance routines at her Las Vegas show for almost a year. However, during a recent performance at the Axis Theater in Planet Hollywood, the singer appeared to struggle with a particular move. At 47 years old, she found herself bent over backwards during a song, prompting her dancers to quickly come to her aid and set her back upright.

On the floor! Jennifer Lopez got a little too bendy during a dance routine in Las Vegas on Thursday night

During a recent performance in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez took a tumble on stage. Known for her dazzling All I Have residency, JLo usually delivers an epic two hours of non-stop entertainment with singing, dancing, and wardrobe changes. However, on this particular night, the Latina sensation found herself in a bit of a predicament as she got a little too flexible during a dance routine. The worried looks on her dancers’ faces, dressed in shiny orange sequined suits, were quite evident as they rushed to help her up.

Ouch: The 47-year-old was literally bent over backwards mid-song when her backing dancers rushed over to hoist her back the right way up

Yikes: During her performance, the 47-year-old singer found herself twisted awkwardly mid-song, but thankfully her dancers quickly came to her rescue and helped her back into the correct position.

It ain't funny: The mother-of-two appeared to give a little more than all she had, seemingly getting stuck in a rather compromising position

It’s no laughing matter: The mom of two seemed to be pushing herself to the limit, finding herself in a rather awkward situation.

You okay? The look of concern on the faces of her dancers - clad in sparkling orange sequinned suits - was unmistakable as they grabbed an arm each

Are you alright? The dancers, dressed in shimmering orange sequined suits, showed clear concern on their faces as they each reached out to grab an arm.

Despite appearing slightly uncomfortable in her thigh-high boots, JLo’s show must go on attitude was on full display as she powered through, showcasing her undeniable star power. A knee support peeking out from her boots raised eyebrows, but the representative for Lopez assured fans that it was all part of the act as she maneuvered through her performance with ease. With her successful show grossing $34.6 million in 2016 and breaking records previously held by Britney Spears, it’s clear that Jennifer Lopez is a force to be reckoned with on The Strip.

On with the show: But committed as always, the superstar showed no evidence of injury besides, and slayed the rest of the show without so much as a wobble

Let’s continue the performance! Although there were concerns about an injury, the superstar proved her dedication by flawlessly delivering the rest of the show without any signs of discomfort.

Cheek it out: The Latina stunner has been wowing everyone with her electrifying All I Have Planet Hollywood residency

Check it out: The stunning Latina has been impressing audiences with her exciting All I Have show at Planet Hollywood.

Best show on The Strip: It boasts two hours of high octane dancing, singing and costume changes

The top-rated performance on the Las Vegas Strip: This exciting show features a dynamic combination of energetic dance numbers, powerful vocals, and stunning wardrobe transformations that will keep you entertained for two hours.

All I have: The show features 23 of the superstar's smash hits; with one song in particular tweaked to apparently make reference to an old hook-up

All that’s on offer: The concert showcases 23 of the pop star’s biggest hits, including a song that seems to allude to a past romantic encounter. In one of her tracks, Booty, a snippet of Drake’s Hotline Bling is cleverly inserted halfway through. A fan-captured video of the performance sees the singer from The Bronx coyly mentioning a “booty call, huh?” The pop star and the rapper were rumored to be an item at the start of the year, but she has since moved on to her current beau, retired baseball legend Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez.

It can only mean one thing: During her track Booty, an interlude of Drake's Hotline Bling plays midway through; a recent video of the show shot by a fan shows the The Bronx native declaring: 'Booty call, huh?'

It’s obvious what’s happening: In the middle of her performance of “Booty,” Cardi B includes a snippet of Drake’s hit song “Hotline Bling”; a fan-recorded video from the concert captures the moment when the rapper from The Bronx jokes, “Is it a booty call, huh?”

Moved on: The singer and the rapper were reportedly dating at the turn of the year, before she began seeing current squeeze and former baseball star Alex A-Rod Rodriguez

They were an item for a brief period, but the singer and the rapper soon went their separate ways. She then started a new relationship with former baseball player Alex A-Rod Rodriguez.

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