“Stylishly Casual: Jennifer Lopez Rocks Grey Coat and Sculpted Leggings during NYC Outing”

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her toned physique in a laid-back look while out and about in New York City over the weekend. The 54-year-old singer, who recently revamped her This Is Me…Now tour due to lower than expected ticket sales, was spotted getting into a parked car during her solo outing.

She rocked a pair of dark brown leggings and a matching long-sleeved turtleneck top, topped off with a light gray coat left unbuttoned for added warmth. Jennifer completed her casual chic ensemble with white sneakers featuring chunky soles.

Overall, she looked effortlessly stylish and ready for whatever her weekend plans had in store.

Jennifer Lopez, 54, showcased her toned figure in a casual ensemble as she enjoyed a solo outing in New York City on Saturday

Jennifer Lopez, aged 54, flaunted her sculpted physique in a laid-back outfit while exploring New York City on her own over the weekend.

The star donned a pair of dark brown, sculpted leggings as well as a matching, long-sleeved turtleneck top

The celebrity rocked a set of stylish dark brown leggings paired with a matching turtleneck top.
Her hair was sleekly pulled back into a bun, keeping stray strands from getting in her face.
Jennifer went for a simple look with delicate earrings and oversized sunglasses for a trendy touch.
She effortlessly carried a chic chocolate brown purse in one hand, ready for her daytime activities.
With a bright smile, she gracefully navigated the busy sidewalks of New York City before getting into a sleek car.
A touch of rosy blush highlighted her cheekbones, while a glossy nude lip completed her look.
In a recent interview with Vogue last November, Lopez discussed her journey towards self-love and confidence, especially after getting married to Ben Affleck in 2022.
“I have reached a point in my life where I unapologetically love every part of myself,” the singer shared. “From my body to my voice, my choices, and yes, even my mistakes. It has all shaped who I am today, and Ben encourages me to know my true worth.”

Lopez layered the comfy outfit with a light gray coat that was left unbuttoned at the front and to help keep her warm in the cooler temperatures

Lopez draped a cozy ensemble with a light grey coat casually worn open in the front to stay snug in the chilly weather.

She flashed a cheerful smile while making her way on a crowded sidewalk in the Big Apple before stepping into a sleek car near the curb

As she strolled down a bustling New York City sidewalk, she beamed a bright smile before gracefully sliding into a luxurious car waiting at the curb.

During an interview with Vogue last year in November, Lopez opened up about her confidence and how it grew upon tying the knot with husband Ben Affleck in 2022; Jennifer and Ben seen in March in L.A.

In a recent chat with Vogue back in November, Lopez shared how her self-assurance blossomed after marrying her beau Ben Affleck earlier this year. The power couple, Jennifer and Ben, were spotted together in March in Los Angeles.

In a recent conversation, Jennifer mentioned feeling more at ease and comfortable, contributing to her feeling more beautiful than ever before. Following her recent appearance in NYC, the singer decided to rebrand her upcoming This Is Me…Now tour due to low ticket sales and cancellations of several dates. Initially planned as support for her This Is Me…Now album, released on February 16, the nationwide tour faced setbacks with reports of poor ticket sales. Despite debuting at number 38 on the Billboard 200 chart, Jennifer’s album release was accompanied by a documentary titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told and the musical film This Is Me…Now: A Love Story. Just this week, Jennifer decided to rename the tour to This Is Me…Live, focusing on performing her greatest hits rather than solely showcasing the new album. In an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer expressed feeling ‘fulfilled’ with the album and suggested that it may potentially be her last project of its kind. She emphasized the importance of creating special experiences for her fans and hinted at the possibility of these projects becoming collector’s items in the future, leaving uncertainty about the release of another album in the future.

Her latest outing in NYC comes shortly after the singer rebranded her upcoming This Is Me...Now tour amid low ticket sales as well as several dates being cancelled

Her most recent appearance in New York City happened right after the singer renamed her upcoming tour, This Is Me…Now, due to lower than expected ticket sales and the cancellation of several show dates.

The tour - which is her first nationwide tour in five years - was originally slated to be in support of her This Is Me... Now album which officially dropped last month on February 16; seen on SNL in February

Her current tour marks her return to the national stage after a five-year hiatus. The original plan was for her tour to promote her latest album, This Is Me… Now, which was released on February 16. Fans may have caught a glimpse of her performing on SNL back in February as well.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this year, Jennifer revealed to the outlet that she felt 'fulfilled' with the album and hinted that it may possibly also be her last

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer shared that she was content with her latest album and suggested that it could potentially be her final one.

Aside from putting focus on her upcoming summer tour, the beauty has also been working on her Delola cocktail brand - which launched last year in 2023

In addition to gearing up for her summer tour, the star has been busy expanding her Delola cocktail brand, which was introduced to the market just last year in 2023.

She expressed, “It feels like the end of one chapter and the start of a new one for me. While I never say never, right now I’m really happy with how much effort I’ve put into this and I’m looking forward to what’s next.”
In addition to preparing for her upcoming summer tour, the star has been busy promoting her Delola cocktail brand, which was launched last year in 2023.
Recently, she shared a video showcasing her spring celebration by making edible flower ice cubes for her cocktails. She looked stunning in a floral dress with playful cutouts while in her luxurious $60 million mansion kitchen.
Captioning the post to her 253 million fans and followers, Lopez wrote, “Adding flair to my @Delola cocktails with edible flower ice cubes, the perfect drink for spring!”

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