Stunning Kitty Seeks Forever Home and Heartwarming Family Embraces Her with Unconditional Love

Beautiful Cat Begs for Affection at Adoption Center, Family Drops Everything to Give Her Lifetime of Love

A lovely older feline at a rescue center sought attention with longing eyes. A caring family immediately decided to shower her with endless love and care for the rest of her days.

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Meet Tassy, the 18-year-old feline who found herself at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. Despite her initial nervousness, Tassy showed nothing but kindness to everyone she met. According to Kimberly Wade from the adoption center, Tassy’s previous home had two small dogs who constantly wanted to play with her, which made her anxious. Her stunning mismatched eyes, one amber and one yellow, added to her charm. Recognizing that Tassy needed a more comfortable environment than a shelter, the staff at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions soon began their search for her forever home.

beautiful different color eyed cat

At the ripe age of 18, this feline beauty boasts a rare trait – two captivating eyes of different hues. Known as Tassy, this lovely cat found her way to the Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions center. She easily mingled with other cats in a free-roaming space, but her heart yearned for human connection. Tassy was a social butterfly, always seeking attention and affection from anyone who crossed her path. She had a habit of chirping eagerly by the door whenever mealtime rolled around.

During her stay at the center, Tassy made the most of her time by revving up her purring engine and vying for cuddles and pets from the dedicated staff and volunteers. Despite her occasional stern expressions, she was a sweetheart at heart. Her endearing nature and unique eyes made her stand out among the other cats, leaving a lasting impression on all who crossed her path.

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Erica from Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions describes Tassy as an affectionate cat, despite her serious demeanor. Tassy craves attention, is constantly purring, enjoys taking naps, and has a very calm disposition. Knowing that Tassy’s health could decline if she stayed at the shelter for too long, the team at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions made it a priority to find her a loving home quickly. The team recognized that Tassy needed a hero to step up and provide her with the care and attention she deserves, as her time left is uncertain.

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Tassy craved the spotlight, seeking attention from all visitors who stopped by.
When Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions initially posted about Tassy, it didn’t create much buzz. However, their subsequent post garnered the interest of numerous social media users, with many sharing and engaging with it.
Gradually, inquiries about Tassy started coming in, including one from Sofia.

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Sofia instantly fell in love with Tassy, the senior cat featured in Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions’ post. Without hesitation, she reached out to the shelter and arranged a meet-and-greet. Excited and eager to bring Tassy home, Sofia wasted no time and embarked on a journey with her daughter to meet their potential new furry family member. Showing up at the adoption center with a carrier in hand, Sofia was fully confident that Tassy would soon be a part of their family.

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Tassy nuzzled up to Sofia for a snuggle time at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. As soon as she spotted the family, her purr motor turned on, prompting her to leave her cozy nap spot on the cat tree. Seeking affection, she leaned into Sofia for some pets and happily wiggled into her arms.

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With contented purrs, Tassy cozied up to her new adoptive family at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. Basking in love from everyone, she charmed her way into their hearts and left the shelter to start her new chapter with her forever family. The team is overjoyed that sweet senior Tassy found the loving home she truly deserves.

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Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions
Tassy is thriving in her new home, enjoying all the cozy spots to relax and her very own little cat haven with a window view to soak up the sun’s rays.

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Tassy adores her cozy cat house overlooking the window, which she received from Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. Surrounded by a large and caring family who showers her with love throughout the day and night, Tassy is thriving. Sofia, a member of the family, proudly shared on social media, “She is thriving and full of love, our little turtle dove.”

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Sofia from Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

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